Well there is alot of hype regarding Alien Covenant, The Predator & Alien 5 movies that will be coming out in theathers next year and 2018, but for Alien 5... though we don't know when the movie will come out in theathers, but we do have concept art shows an older Ripley & Hicks... And I'm not liking whatever Ideas they have for Alien 5... Personally, I feel that the idea of bringing back Ripley and newt is really unnecessary. Now I wouldn't mind them bringing back Hicks, which is actaully fine because he survives and the reason for his survival in Aliens: Colonial Marines was well explained, being that he was awaken from hypersleep by Samwell Stone & Turk, but when a firefight erupts between them & the USS Legato, Turk was knocked into Hick's cryotube and sealed inside was subsequently lauched aboard the departing EEV, along with Ripley with the facehugger attached to her face, Newt & Bishop. In Alien 3, we were meant to believe that hicks had been killed in the crash landing on Fiorina 161, but it was actually Turk in Hicks' place, and because Turk's corpse was maimed, he was unidentifiable, and was mistaken for hicks. After a 2-day trip, Hicks & Stone arrived just in time to see Ripley sacrifice herself, which Hicks falls into despair as he fell to his knees, he & Stone were then captured by Michael Bishop's commandos and taken to the resolute, a Weyland-Yutani FTL ship stationed at their origin facility and the two were interrogated for information. Stone was executed for failing to comply & Hicks  was freed by Weyland-Yutani reseacher Rick Levy. hicks would later join the Sephora Marines, his ultimate fate after the events of Aliens: Colonial Marines is unknown, but If the movie wants to bring back Hicks, the way they can do this is by making Hicks older and have him still be in hiding from Weyland-Yutani by going under a different name. He is asked by a commanding colonial marines officer to join them and help fight off the xenomorph Infestation, but he refuses at first because of what had happen to his squad and especially Ripley, but then remembering Ripley and her sacrifice, he decides he'll help out and all hell breaks lose. It would be also better if the movie can add flashbacks of Ripley for a bit of nostalgia. That would be way better then to bring Ripley & newt back and there is no reason to bring them back because they are dead!!! And Alien Resurrection's attempt and reason for bringing back Ripley was really ridiculous and the movie was nothing more then a Mind-F*ck and It sucked so hard... Apparently the idea of Alien 5 would pretend that Alien 3 & Alien Resurrection had never happened and that the franchise would be passed on to an older newt, but really it would be better if it were passed on to hicks since, again, he survived! Believe it or not, there is a character in a series of Aliens novels named Billie who appears in Aliens: Earth War, Aliens: Earth Hive, Aliens: Outbreak, Aliens: Female War, Aliens: Nightmare Asylum & Aliens: Genocide and was originally an older newt, however, when newt was scripted to die in Alien 3, the character was changed to Billie. Now if we wanna pretendthat Alien 3 & Alien Resurrection never happened, why don't we pretend that just Alien Resurrection never happened, or even exists for that matter because Alien Resurrection was a really shitty & a Mind-F*ck of movie, personally, I've never had a problem with Alien 3, and I actually like the movie, but I really don't understand why everybody else has such a damn problem with Alien 3, I mean, Its not a bad movie, but at the same time, Its not great either, I will admit, but I think Its an ok movie overall and It did bring out a new Interesting characteristic in the xenomorphs development within a non-human host as well as a queen chestburster. My guess is to  why people hated Alien 3 could stem for many reasons, whether It be that the runner alien as CGI in some parts of the movie, or maybe It was the setting of the movie, but It would probably be because Ripley sacrifices herself at the end, and you know what... Please understand that she did what she had to in order to make sure that Weyland-yutani never get their hands on the xenomorph queen inside her, fear that a xenomorph outbreak would threathen a population on any planet. Now with this new Alien movie, people want her back and they don't even understand that bringing her and newt  back would do nothing but f*ck up everything in the franchise! I feel that the Alien movies should not need Sigourney weaver to keep coming back as Ripley in order for them to be popular and Liked by fans, humans don't make the alien movies, Its the xenomorphs that make the alien movies damn It! The Idea of an aged Hicks coming back would be better and the flashbacks of Ripley is pretty much the best Ripley fans are gonna get! They can either take it, or just don't bother. But thats my thought, and alot of you probably don't get a shit... I'd like to hear the thoughts of those that actually do give a rat's ass. PLEASE DON'T BRING BACK RIPLEY & NEWT!!!!!