Ok, so I've been playing Alien: Isolation for some time, and all thanks to my boyfriend who has steam and he knows how much I freakin' love Alien & Predator, so he got AVP3 & Alien: Isolation on his steam so that I can play them. I'll talk about AVP3 some other time, We're here to talk about Alien: Isolation. Now this isn't really a review, its more of me just taking about the game and what I've done on the game so far.

In Alien: Isolation, and most of you should already know this, especially if you've played the game, the plot revolves around Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter, who is no longer a 10 year old going on 11, but an adult now and works as an engineer, Samuels invites Amanda to join the small Weyland-Yutani team being sent to recover the recorder from Sevastopol Station. When you get there, everything is pretty much hell and you encounter hostle humans, rogue andriods and scary Xenos. So you as Amanda Ripley must survive and try not to get killed. That pretty much sums it up plot wise.

I'm not even near the end of the game, but this is my experience with the game so far... So to start off, I'm gonna tell you something about me... I don't freakout and I have NEVER in my life been scared of Xenomorphs, but when I started playing Alien: Isolation, All that has changed, I freak out while playing the game and I am afraid to run into a Xenomorph, so I am contently checking my tracker and Hiding. Now the thing with Xenomorphs is that they f*cking LOVE to hangout in the vents, thats how they travel to areas in the game, so when the tracker detects movement, I Immediately find somewhere to hide, like a locker, under a desk or gurney, or even behind something. But when the tracker picks up movement, It doesn't tell you where exactly that movement is coming from, and thats scary. And as I said before, Xenomorph f*cking love the vents, so most likely the movement is coming from them moving around in the vents, but would you wanna risk finding it out the hard way? My boyfriend loves seeing me freakout everytime I play the game because he finds it funny, especially since I don't really freakout much.

Let me tell you a funny story about my attempt to see what happens when you flashbang a xenomorph... So I wanted to see if it was possible to actually flashbang a Xenomorph, so i have my flashbang ready and I set myself up as bait. I'm standing a pretty good distant and I see a Xenomorph coming out of the vent, and she didn't even see me and just walk away, so then I go and find a room that I'm hoping the xenomorph would enter, I don't hide, I stand there in the middle the the room with my flashbang ready. Finally I hear a Xeno coming and I ready myself with the flashbang. The door opens but the Xenomorph once again doesn't see me and just walks on by, and this happens a few more times. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, If the xenos aren't coming for me, I'm coming to them, I really wanted to see if flashbangs works on xenomorphs so I walk around looking for the Xenos and I swear they were avoiding me, at one point I look at my tracker and see 3 to 4  Xenos moving around somewhere. Finally a Xenomorph comes out of the vent and she spots me and slowly makes her way towards me, I throw the flashbang at her, but i threw it past her and she hauls ass at me and the flashbang goes off from behind as the xeno kills me, so that attempt failed.

I should mention that there is a glicth in the game where there is a gun in mid air... Just thought I'd point that out. 

Now as with any game, you have tasks to do and there were times while playing the game that I had to watch a walkthrough because I couldn't figure out what to do. I have learned that you can use the noisemaker and flashbang to distract either humans or xenomorphs. And for the fun of it, if you see a human near by, throw a noisemaker at them and that will draw in the attention of a xenomorph that will then go after that human and you can watch from your hide place as the xeno kills them, you can do the same with your flashbag. I've haven't tried it yet, mainly because I don't have a flashbang or a noisemaker on me, but once I have tose items on me, I'm going to do just that because I'm a little sh*t.

Yeah, Ilike I said, I'm not even near the end of the game, I'm still trying to get the medkit to taylor, so its a work in progress for me and I just wanna say that I do enjoy the game and It actaully made me terrified of xenomorphs, but I still love Xenos. I never once thought that I'd be scared of Xenomorphs until playing the game.