Ocs & Personas... Everybody has them, they are an identity that you go by on the internet because let's be honest... Too many goddamn assholes and perverted weirdos are all over the internet because they can't function like a normal human being in the real world... or in society in general. The beauty of Ocs or Personas is that you can be whatever you want your identity to be, and you can escape into a world that doesn't suck. You can be anything, from being a pony, or being a Sonic Oc, to being, hell, just yourself. You can even be a Yautja or a Xenomorph... Thats right! If your a crazy Alien & Predator Nut like I am, you'd make yourself a yautja or a xenomorph, or a Predalien if you can't decide between two. As for me, My persona is a 19 year old Yautja Female name Dahd Mei-Jadhi (Which means "Little Sister" in the Yautja language). The reason behind the name was because of a dear friend of mine on DeviantArt, 94revolver, He is a predator fan and even had his own predator characters, his main on being Dead-Eye, or Yau'jan Thei-de Dekna. 94revolver and I had been friends since 2010, we don't talk much anymore sadly, but he refered to me as his little sister, and thats where the name comes from, although the name is a bit Ironic too, because i did in fact have an older brother who was born in 1995, but later died from SIDs (Sudden Infant Death). As for Dahd Mei herself, "What does she look like?" you may be wondering, well I'll tell you... She looks kinda like Wolf without the acid burn on half of her face and has more feminine features. She has Heterochromia (Odd-Eyes), her left being blue-ish grey and the right eye is orange with a vertical slit pupil. She has the Honor mark upon her forhead (like scar), and she has long Ash Brown Hair appendages. As for body type, She is an average thin, Small breasts, not alot of muscle on her and she is shorter in size, being >7' (In real life, I'm 5'5"). Personality wise, Dahd mei is kind, cares for others, imaginative, artistic and adventurous, but has the mentality of a 12 year old. Dahd Mei however is not all that socialable, and she can be a straight-up asshole when pissed off, She cusses alot and has a sick sense of humor, rather it be making sexual jokes, making smartass comments or finding amusement in violents (Violents is only funny when its fictional, NOT in real life). "What does Dahd Mei do?" you may be asking, She is a Huntress (In real life, I don't really hunt, I draw, watch YouTube, watch Tv and look for jobs... Its really boring). And Thats my Persona... Or "Pred-Sona" as I should say. You all will see a picture of her someday, but I don't have Paint tool sai, so in the meantime, If you have any Alien and Predator Ocs or Personas, Why don't you share them in your comments.