So, Lets talk about Scavage Predator! This will most likely lead to some of you leaving your own ideas and discussions of Scavage, and to that, I highly encourge for you to leave your thoughts and Ideas of the matter in the comments. So Perhaps we should start with his backstory. Scavage Predator was a Half breed: part Yautja (Small Predators), part Super Predator. Although he was raised in a small yautja village, Scavage prefers a nomadic lifestyle and has official clan affiliation. A direct descendent of the ancient Super Predator Elder Nightstorm, he forged his armor and weapons to pay tribute to his powerful great ancestor, trading the gold of royalty for the warrior's steel. Unlike his Super Predator cousins, Scavage Lives by the Yautja honor code, but his silent nature as well as his blatant reverence for Nightstorm is often the cause of much contention amongest the other yautja. A paradoxical loner with no interest in dealing with others, he will only follow those he greatly respects, such as the Elder Cracked Tusk. Scavage is also known to bring his hound on hunts...It's the only living creature he truely trusts. Ok, first of all, who are Scavage's parents? Well, he is a Hybrid cross between a Yautja and a Super Predator, but which is the mother and which is the father? The thing with yautjas is that they are not monogamous, meaning they don't mate for life and they can have multiple mates, Its pretty common for a male Yautja to have up to 70, 80 or more pups with multiple females. Once a female yautja has mated, she and the male she has mated with part ways, leaving the female to raise they're pup on her own. Scavage was raised in a small Yautja village, which means that his mother was a Yautja and his father was a Super Predator. Now that we know who his parents are, the next question is how? As in... How does a female yautja end up mating with a male Super Predator? We should already know now that Yautjas and Super Predators don't exactly like eachother very much, Especially since the Super Predators are assholes to the Yautjas. Even so, Its not impossible to create a Yautja/Super Predator hybrid through crossbreeding, for those of you that don't know, Crossbreeding is the result of combinding, through sexual reproduction, the qualities of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species or genera, and such examples includes Ligers, Mules and wholphins. Predaliens don't count as predaliens are not actually hybrids even though they look like hybrids... So rather Scavage's conception was Intentional or accidental, and how it happened between his parents, We don't know, but its also worth noting Dominance in genetics, and because I haven't been in school in a long time I only know very little about that, but If you know more about genetics, feel free to explain more and how it plays out in the comments, but it basically involves genes and traits that are dominant from the parent and are carried over to the offspring. And the reason I bring it up is because of Scavage's appearance, which is more like that of his Super Predator father, which would mean that his father had more dominant genes and traits. And as Scavage is a hybrid, he most likely has Hereosis, hybrid Vigor or outbreeding enhancement, which is the tendency of crossbred Individuals to show Improved or Increased function of any quality, making them superior to those of both parents. We also have to think about Scavage's Childhood, since he is a hybrid, did he have to deal with discrimination from other yautja for being half Super Predator? Most likely, and it would explain his lone wolf nature and no interest in dealing with others. What does set Scavage apart from the Super Predators is that he lives by the Yautja honor code, of course growing up around Yautja and learning their ways of hunting and respect of honor, He too would take this code with the utmost seriousness as any other Yautja would. Super Predators do not abide by the Yautja honor code because they feel that the code gave too much power and significance to the prey they hunted. The Super Predator Elder Nightstorm himself didn't approve of the Yautja honor code and he is the reason why Yautja and Super Predators hate eachother. Scavage happens to be Nightstorm's direct descendent and Scavage looks up to Nightstorm as a sort of role model but at the same time, Scavage lives by the one thing Nightstorm hates, hence being a Paradoxical loner. It kinda confusing when you think about it, kinda like Anakin Skywalker... I think? I don't know :D... I sure hope you enjoyed or at least find the subject of Scavage interesting. Do you wish to see more Hybrids like Scavage? Have any thoughs you'd like to share? Go a head and leave a commet or have a discussion. I'd really like to here your Ideas as I've said in the beginning.