The long running arguement of how one pronounces "Yautja", has been debated by many fans, but just why exactly do we argue about it? It more so depends on the person whose saying it. However, Its different when you see a word you never heard of before. Lets do an example.... See this word here?                                                                                               


Now think really hard, how would you pronounce this word? You've never heard of such a word before, so how does one say this word? You may at first pronounce this word as "Yaw-ja" or "Yat-ja". Believe me, I've pronounced it as "Yaw-ja" before in the past. The reason you would pronounce it as "Yaw-ja" or "Yat-ja" is because your separating the "Yaut" & "ja". You may even be pronouncing it as "yawt-jah", usuing a 2 syllable breakdown or you pronounce it with a silent "j", making it into "Yaw-tah". Weird how very differently people pronounce one word, but then to make an arguement out of it. Because you pronounce the word one way, the other person may pronounce it in another. The use of "Y" sounds the same as the english "Y" or "U". The "au" sounds the same as "Audio" or "August", "ah", "aw", "augh" & "al", just like "au", stand for the vowel sound /o/. The "T" sounds are the same as the english "T", as the english use of the "j" is actually pronounced as "H" in Spanish. Yautja would sound more like "U-aht'ha", which kinda sounds like "you aught ha", which is funny when you think of it, in the English-Spanish usage of proper pronouncaitoin. However, most people, including myself have pronounced the word as "ee-Wat-ja", and the first time I saw that pronouncaition of the word... My mind was F*cking befuddled, because I thought, "How the the hell is it pronounced like that?" To me, it didn't make any goddamn sense, especially seeing how its spelled. I now used this pronouncaition, but still hated it. But you might very suprised to find out the actual pronouncaition of the word. According to Steve C. Perry, the author of many of the Aliens novels, Predator: Turnabout & Aliens Vs. Predator: Prey, the word "Yautja" is actually pronounced "Ya-oot-chah", with the accent on the 2nd syllable, and where the "ch" is close to a "j" sound. And in the Facebook game, Soldiers inc- Alien vs. Predator event, a female Weyland-Yutani worker even pronounces "Yautja" as "Ya-oot-chah", and of course hearing that shocked me as well as made me feel like an Idiot for pronouncing "Yautja" wrong... I'm still learning to say "Yautja" as "Ya-oot-chah". But the long running arguement will still continue on when it comes to the pronouncaition of "Yautja".