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Why Alien 3 isn't THAT bad.

Yeah, you read the title right. Now you are probably wondering, "is this dude ok? he needs to get some mental help". But no, I don't think Alien 3 is that bad, I would say it is pretty decent to be frank. The only thing that bothers me is that it is just using the same formula that was used in the two prior films. Alien 3 could've been better if they didn't use the ongoing cycle of events >Lands on Planet>Abandoned there>Someone makes a clumsy mistake and a Xenomorph is born>95% of everyone dies>Everyone teams up with a grand plan to kill the Xenomorph>then go home. They should've had Ripley go and find out the roots of the Xenomorphs or something like that, but I guess we are getting that with Alien: Covenant? Who knows. But to have Ripley just die like that in some generic cookie-cutter storyline actually sucks. But in all the movie isn't BAD, it is just repetitive. 

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