Terminator vs. Aliens

Terminator vs. Aliens is an upcoming fan film made by heavymetalalien. It is based on the Terminator film series and the Alien film series. Not much detail of the film is revealed.

Batman: Dead End

Batman: Dead End was a fan film directed by Sandy Collora, which featured Batman, the Joker, several Predator and several Xenomorphs. It starts out with Bruce Wayne gearing up at the call of another attack from his arch enemy, the Joker. He eventually finds his foe in a dark alley in Gotham City. While the Dark Knight talks with the Joker discussing past events, a Xenomorph lifts the laughing criminal up to the roofs. Moments later, the same Alien lunges for the Caped Crusader. While Batman is wrestling with the serpent, a plasma caster shot hits and kills the creature. Bruce Wayne looks up to see a Predator standing up on a tower above him. He throws his batarang at the hunter and malfunctions the weapon. The Yautja takes off the plasma caster and jumps down to fight his new quarry. Each is an equal match until the Predator tries to deal a finishing blow to his prey but Batman parries its wristblades and brakes them. The shocked hunter gets stabbed in the back with the Caped Crusader's batarang. The Dark Knight puts his batarang up to the Yautja's neck. The Predator then laughs in its seemingly helpless state. Just then, three more Predators arrive to the battlefield and jump down to Batman's right. To his left come a swarm of Xenomorphs. He must choose a side or meet his dead end.

This fan film is considered one of the best fan films ever made.


E.T.A. is a CGI fan film taking place in the Alien film series.


It was all about a Weyland-Yutani guard on a ship received a Happy New Year greetings. A power loss on the ship results with the ship losing gravity. The guard repaired the ship's mainframe, restoring the power. He later pressed a "coffee" button. As the guard began to watch TV something that appears to be an Alien came to the cockpit. It is implied later that the Alien is in fact a robot and its inner jaw functions as a coffee machine.

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Hicks Resurrection: Earth Hive

Hicks Resurrection: Earth Hive is a fan film, which is considered to be funny because it has no real plot.


According to the author's comments: After the death of Ellen Ripley, Weyland-Yutani used the remains of the Super Facehugger to clone a new Xenomorph King. But they made a major mistake they cloned Corporal Dwayne Hicks.


The movie's story completely differs from the summary. Rather than showing the resurrected Hicks fighting Aliens or defeating the super facehugger, the movie showed a heroine defeating a bunch of Aliens instead. The movie showed a cameo appearance of the Terminator, the cyborg from the Terminator film series.

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S.E.E.D., known by fans as AVP 3 is a fan film that serves as an unofficial sequel to AVP-R.


The new CEO of the Yutani Corporation forms a biological, and profital project known as Secret Experimental Embryo Development, or "S.E.E.D.". Yutani scientists have found a dead Predator and performed autopsy on the body, only to be killed by other Predators. At the same time, the CEO sent a U.S. Army sniper to scout an Alien-infested jungle. A two-man S.W.A.T. team has arrested a drug cartel, and confronted a Predator. After confronting the Predator the S.W.A.T. team was called by the CEO. One of the operatives were sent to rescue the sniper. The operative managed to rescue the sniper. Predators would later land on the jungle to hunt the Aliens. One of the Predators is implied to be part of a rival clan (otherwise, a Bad Blood) as he fought another Predator. As the battle between Predators and Aliens goes intense, the sniper is killed by a chestburster. The operative gets out alive from the jungle, the sniper is later buried, and the CEO made an agreement with Weyland Industries, which formed the Weyland-Yutani corporation.


  • Some people regard it as a sequel to AVP instead.
  • Before the S.W.A.T. team confronts the Predator, one of them is reading a magazine; an article about Batman: Dead End can be seen.
  • The film, although still available in YouTube, was missing one of its parts.
  • It is unclear how the Aliens infested the jungle, or how the Predators land, which caused confusions among fans.

Predator: Last Will

Snapshot382-1 3

A Promo for a fan film by Wolfpred that was released summer 2010.

Predator: Last Will was a fan film created by Wiki User "Wolfpred" during the summer of 2011. The film is a Machinima from the video game "The Movies."


FBI Agents Matt and Rebecca are sent to the wilderness of New Jersey State to investigate a series of gruesome murders. Insted they find themselves in the path of a
deadly Predator, who was banished to Earth for 500 years.

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AVP Redemtion

AVP: Redemption is a fan movie made by Alex A. Popov. It was released in May 2010 and takes 2 years in development. It combines live-action and CGI into a single movie.



The movie starts with the appearance of the Sulaco, now used as a Weyland-Yutani genetic research station. A video message is sent to a man known simply as "Mr. Weyland" (possibly Michael Bishop). The crew of the Sulaco have found a Predator spaceship, as well as finding a floppy donkey corpse. The crew is about to use the corpse to take it Predator technology, before finding the body is galloping, and a chestburster comes out of the body. 38 hours later the Sulaco has lost contact, and a vessel is sent to investigate. Later in the Predator homeworld, the King Predator receives a transmission - which is taken from the Sulaco itself. A Predator (the main protagonist) then receives orders from the King Predator to investigate the Sulaco. The Predator prepares his weapons and equipment, then finally sets out to the Sulaco.


The Predator's ship lands at the Sulaco, after arriving and investigating the Predator finds several facehuggers in implantation positions, before finding one which is broken. A facehugger attacks the Predator, but is then killed by a plasmacaster. Later, several warriors ambush the Predator. The Predator is about to kill one with the plasmacaster only to find that it is broken. The Alien would later be killed with a ceremonial dagger. Another Alien appears and the Predator throws his dagger at the Alien, however the Alien dodges the attack and escapes the Predator, only to end up being decapitated. More Aliens appear and charge at the Predator. One is killed by another thrown dagger, and another one is netted.


The Predator is attacked by a Predalien (the chestburster in the beginning, now an adult). The Predalien, however, is later killed by a survivor (based on the wounds he sustained). The survivor is attacked by the Predator, however he attached himself with a bomb and triggered it, killing him and throwing the Predator to the Queen's nest. The Predator fights the Queen, but is mortally wounded. The movie ends with the Predator activating his self-destruct device, destroying the Sulaco to pieces, "disappearing".


  • The Predator has no name. The author simply called him as "Scott", while others called him as "Rogue", or "Spartan".
  • It is so far, regarded as one of the best fan films in YouTube.

Aliens versus Predator (Fan Film)


Title Design

Aliens versus Predator is an upcoming fan film reboot made by the Wikia User "Wolfpred," due out April 13, 2012. The film will be a Machinima made from "The Movies" video game.


The film is an adaptation of Dark Horse's original AVP Comic treatment. In such, this means the film will
take place on the planet Ryushi.
"Machiko Noguchi has just taken the administration job in the colony of Prosperity Wells on planet Ryushi. Strange events and murders reveal a disasterous encounter with an alien race (Predators) hunting strange black creatures (Aliens). Machiko is now faced with the ultimate battle for survival."

Characters to Appear:
Machiko Noguchi

"Broken Tusk"

Current Production Status

Post-Production: Video, Sound, and Music editing is currently in progress with a release date set for April 13, 2012. More details will be revealed closer to release.

Teaser Trailer01:33

Teaser Trailer

Full Trailer02:51

Full Trailer

Viral Marketing

Two (out of two) viral marketing videos have been created.
Viral Ad00:34

Viral Ad

A "Leaked" Transmission from Ryushi durring the incident.



A TV Commercial from the Corporation in the Film.


A possibel sequel is currently in progress. But a sequel will not happen unless the reaction to the first film warrents so.
It will not be based on any of the comics, but will keep Machiko as the main character and introduce Shorty and Mitchell Buller from the comics.
The story will include the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and different "Karl Bishop Weyland" (i.e. another name.)
The main location of the film will be on a Weyland-Yutani research station and an unknown icy planet. The story will center on Weyland-Yutani experimenting on both Predators and Xenomorphs.


AVP Outbreak

AVP Outbreak is an upcoming fan film, made by Quantum Productions (now named Weyland-Yutani Productions).

Colonial Marines: Elite Force

Colonial Marines: Elite Force is a CGI fan movie. The movie was divided to 2 parts. Part 1 lasts for 23 minutes. Part 2 was about to be developed when the AVP film is released but the director disappeared, thus scrapping the project.