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    AVP fan films

    July 28, 2012 by TroopDude

    Terminator vs. Aliens is an upcoming fan film made by heavymetalalien. It is based on the Terminator film series and the Alien film series. Not much detail of the film is revealed.

    Batman: Dead End was a fan film directed by Sandy Collora, which featured Batman, the Joker, several Predator and several Xenomorphs. It starts out with Bruce Wayne gearing up at the call of another attack from his arch enemy, the Joker. He eventually finds his foe in a dark alley in Gotham City. While the Dark Knight talks with the Joker discussing past events, a Xenomorph lifts the laughing criminal up to the roofs. Moments later, the same Alien lunges for the Caped Crusader. While Batman is wrestling with the serpent, a plasma caster shot hits and kills the cre…

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