Here are some of the upcoming Alien and Predator NECA figures.



Currently, two figures are planned for Ripley. The first will be Ripley in her jumpsuit based on her appearance in Alien and the second will be based on her appearance in Aliens.

Power Loader

First previewed at Toy Fair 2014. Might come with a Ripley figure.


At the Neca Comic-Con 2013 booth, a Jones figure was spotted.

Alien Queen

In scale to 7″ figures. It was set to be released July 2014, but was only revealed in July, with it to be released in October 2014. It stands over 15″ tall and is over 30″ long. It comes with a display stand and two different interchangeable inner mouths. It has apparently been in development since 2011.

Aliens Series 3

Set for a July 2014 release.


First spotted in a picture posted by NECA on Twitter showing their sculptor Jason Frailey working on several projects. It was later unveiled at Toy Fair 2014. Comes with a flashlight and Hudson's knife.


First shown at Toy Fair 2014, though the sculpt for the Nostromo Suit has been previewed many times before. Seems NECA wasn't able to acquire John Hurt's likeness, so the figure features a Facehugger covering Kane's face. Comes with a laser pistol.

Dog Alien

Based on the Runner in Alien3. Likely won't feature any accessories. I've heard it's based on a Sideshow statue.

Aliens Series 4

Set for a Fall 2014 release.


Comes with a laser pistol, helmet and flashlight.


Classic Video Game Appearance

Inspired by the 1989 video game. Comes with a Plasma Caster.

Blade Fighter Vehicle w/ Pilot

Based on a Kenner toy. Set for an August 2014 release.

Predator Series 12

Set for a June 2014 release.

Bad Blood

Based on the character from Predator: Bad Blood.


Based on the character from Predator: Bad Blood. Comes with a Smart-Disc, Combi-Stick and a Plasma Caster.

Elder Predator

The second NECA figure based on Greyback from Predator 2. Comes with a sword and Plasma Caster.

Predator Series 13

Like Series 11, this series is a Kenner tribute.

Alien vs. Predator

Seen in this tour of NECA's studio. Supposed to come out sometime in 2014 and the Predators in the line will feature opening Wrist Gauntlets :D.



Was supposed to be part of Series 2 and originally was going to have a November 2012 release, but is possibly canceled now. Neca also had the idea of offering him as a SDCC exclusive (don't think this happened).


Possibly canceled.

Mutated Fifield

Possibly canceled along with Shaw.


Possibly canceled. I think I remember reading that this is supposed to come with one of the flamethrowers from the film, but I can't seem to find where I read that.

Horror Movie Scalers

Series 01

Set for a February 2014 release date.


Based on a Drone.

Jungle Hunter

Based on the Jungle Hunter in Predator.