Here's a recap of what happened at SDCC 2014 in no particular order.

Alien: Isolation

At the Alien: Isolation booth the game was available for play in a massive Alien Egg that housed a chair and video screen. It looked like the door closed while visitors played and the green light from the floor was the only light you see.

Several items were given away at the booth (especially to cosplayers), including a Dark Horse Alien: Isolation comic, T-shirt featuring a toy robot, Alien: Isolation-themed bag, the same patch given at E3, and DLC.

An app was also released (and soon removed) to mimic the game's motion tracker that guided users to the location of the game's booth while at SDCC. It also has a Photo Booth feature to customize photos with art from the game.


NECA unveiled their jumpsuit and space suit Ripley figures. The jumpsuit Ripley includes a flamethrower and Jones and the space suit Ripley includes a harpoon gun and another Jones (in a different pose). The space suit Ripley likely also includes a removable helmet, but the figure was displayed with it on. Also on display was their previously revealed Kane, Dog Alien, Dallas, and Bishop. NECA's booth also featured a large diorama featuring their Queen figure and the previously released Corporal Dwayne Hicks vs. Xenomorph Warrior and Private William Hudson vs. Xenomorph Warrior sets.

On the Predator side of things, a diorama with NECA's Series 12 and 13 Predators. One of NECA's SDCC 2014 exclusives was the Ahab Predator from Dark Horse's upcoming Predator comics.

Hot Toys

At Hot Toys' booth, they displayed their upcoming jumpsuit Ripley with flamethrower, cat box, motion tracker, Jones and base and their Ripley in Power Loader figure. Also on display was their Ancient Predator and Celtic Predator.


HCG displayed their previously announced APC and unveiled their M56 Smart Gun, Power Loader, and dog tags. They also held a draw to win a Power Loader.

Gentle Giant

Gentle's Giant booth had the upcoming replica of Kenner's Alien and their SDCC 2014 exclusive glow-in-the-dark Alien on display.


Super 7