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    Note: this is a big work in progress.

    Quarax's Real Parts Aliens M314 Motion Tracker Assembly Guide is an X-part guide on building a replica of the M314 Motion Tracker seen in Aliens out of all the same parts that were used to make the props for film, or the most accurate alternatives.

    The keypad on the right side of the Motion Tracker is made from a part of the keypad of a Casio SL-85. It is not the similar Casio SL-80, as the SL-80 is too large. As one has never been examined in detail, it is also possible the keypad was made from a Casio SL-8.

    The grill appears to be from a Superswitch Intruder Alarm Catalogue Number 6000, which is better known as the base for the TNR lamp props. This would make sense, as the part with the grill was removed to …

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    SDCC 2014 Recap

    July 28, 2014 by Toa Quarax

    Here's a recap of what happened at SDCC 2014 in no particular order.

    At the Alien: Isolation booth the game was available for play in a massive Alien Egg that housed a chair and video screen. It looked like the door closed while visitors played and the green light from the floor was the only light you see.

    Several items were given away at the booth (especially to cosplayers), including a Dark Horse Alien: Isolation comic, T-shirt featuring a toy robot, Alien: Isolation-themed bag, the same patch given at E3, and DLC.

    An app was also released (and soon removed) to mimic the game's motion tracker that guided users to the location of the game's booth while at SDCC. It also has a Photo Booth feature to customize photos with art from the game.

    NECA unve…

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    Clive Curtis Email

    July 25, 2014 by Toa Quarax

    So, I was a bit confused when I saw Clive Curtis said he worked on Alien on his website as a stuntman, since the only stuntmen that worked on Alien I knew of was Eddie Powell and Roy Scammell, so I sent him an email, thinking I wouldn't receive a response, but this was in my inbox today:

    The end sequence of the film was to be a big fight scene between The Alien and Yaphet Kotto, whom I doubled. However, after shooting the sequence, the powers to be decided not to use it for fear of upstaging the image of the alien bursting from the person’s chest, thus it was not used.


    Clive Curtis

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    I'm just going to post this here because I keep forgetting the site. If anyone needs screenshots from the films, use this site. It takes screenshots every few seconds.

    Here's a few screenshots from them (whoops, should of uploaded the higher quality versions):

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    Alien 35th Anniversary

    February 22, 2014 by Toa Quarax

    Here's some of the stuff being done for the 35th anniversary of (released in 1979).

    35 years later, fans are still “screaming” in space as Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products celebrates the 35th anniversary of the groundbreaking film ALIEN, one of the most enduring sci-fi horror franchises of all time, with multiple iconic partners for exclusive branded merchandise available worldwide.

    National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), an entertainment conglomerate and global leader in licensed consumer goods, in association with Fox Consumer Products, announces today the first-ever action figures of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley that feature the likeness of actress Sigourney Weaver, who was nominated for an Oscar® and Golden Globe® for …

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