I created a new Yuatja recently, his name is Charma'taeo Juicci'ktti, pronounced "Sharma tae-o Jui-cceekttee", he is a clan leader who was raised in society instead of a giant jungle like To'Kaa. He originally wanted to learn warfare elements and didn't want to fight, but he spotted a "mistake" in the previous leader's attack plan and training, and told him, but he ignored him, getting mad Charma scolded the leader who in-turn challenged him to duel. Charma spotted many mistakes, beat him, and mercilessly killed him. Despite killing the leader, the clan enlisted him as a youngblood, he slowly started earning his weapons. Unlike To'kaa, he did not fight in tournaments, He died at age 1883. He earned his nickname "Exterminator" after he killed 42 different species and even hunted one to extinction. So yeah thats my new predator, hope you like him, and before I go I was thinking about making a Halo clan called "Reclaimers" all you need to do is change your player emblem into a horizontal hexagon background with a bullseye. When your done you should get a black hexagon with a cobalt dot in the middle. I would like a vote or something like that. So yeah, peace.