I swear my kitty is on crack, he attacks the floor at random as if it is moving, and he meows his tiny, cute, little head off for no apparent reason, and last night I was on my X-Box, on Netflix, and I got bored. I was petting my cat, he was purring, and I turned off the X-Box and he started just whiplashing his head back and forth meowing nonstop for like, fifteen seconds... We even have nicknames for him like: White House Tiger, because he attacks EVERYTHING, and Mini-Cow, because he is white with black spots, and last of all, Shredder, because if there is little piece of paper, plastic, wrapping, etc. he will rip it apart and shred it to bits. So that sums up my kitty hope you like it! So until next time I write my in Blog, peace out.