My Aunt Terri is over for the weekend, I know I'm gonna have some fun! I started a campaign for AVP3 in the Predator on hard, one mission left, at about 10:00 PM I'll finish it. I had a bit of a difficulty on the Preatorian from the Ruins, I hope the Predalien doesn't give me trouble... If anyone's having trouble with the Preatorian, my bro helped me kill him. I was using the Plasma-Caster and it just wouldn't hit him because it was just so inaccurate. I was getting irritated and my bro said "Use it like a shotgun," I asked what he meant and he said, "Kill the Xenos, get up in his face and spam that sh**." I told him that if I hold it, the blast will be bigger and do more damage. and he replied "Rapid fire because the aim-assist sucks when held down except on lower difficulties, and unless you suck at aiming you should hit him every time," I doubted him but I tried it. By the end of the battle, The Preatorian was dead, I was standing over his corpse one tiny block of health remaining, no energy, me on my knees praising my bro. I really have to thank him.