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To'Kaa July 24, 2012 User blog:To'Kaa

Hello, to whoever is reading my Blog, I'm new, my profile is named To'Kaa after my fan made Yautja named To'Kaa Jaim'mer. I am a huge fan of the Alien/Predator series, I have AVP3 on X-Box 360 and plan to get Alien Versus Predator, AVP2, and the other games, and I have seen all the Aliens movies and Predator movies and even plan to get a Predator Costume. I would probably have a fan made Xeno but I do not know much about them and I find them hard to draw... so yeah. I live with my bro, mother, and my awesome dog, Daisy Mae! I have a Deviant Art account, but I have no deviations yet, I have a Youtube account, and an X-Box Live account. My gamer tag is mythicDUDE227. I play AVP, COD, Halo, Sonic, and various other games like Assassins Creed, I hope no one dislikes me, If anyone does, I will try my very best to get accustomed to your liking. Again, I'm new and still don't know my way around so If I do something wrong and people get offended, please remember, I don't want to offend, and it is probably on accident. So now I finished my first Blog and hopefully nothing goes wrong...

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