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July 24, 2012
  • To'Kaa

    New Pred

    July 30, 2012 by To'Kaa

    I created a new Yuatja recently, his name is Charma'taeo Juicci'ktti, pronounced "Sharma tae-o Jui-cceekttee", he is a clan leader who was raised in society instead of a giant jungle like To'Kaa. He originally wanted to learn warfare elements and didn't want to fight, but he spotted a "mistake" in the previous leader's attack plan and training, and told him, but he ignored him, getting mad Charma scolded the leader who in-turn challenged him to duel. Charma spotted many mistakes, beat him, and mercilessly killed him. Despite killing the leader, the clan enlisted him as a youngblood, he slowly started earning his weapons. Unlike To'kaa, he did not fight in tournaments, He died at age 1883. He earned his nickname "Exterminator" after he kill…

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  • To'Kaa

    My Aunt

    July 28, 2012 by To'Kaa

    My Aunt Terri is over for the weekend, I know I'm gonna have some fun! I started a campaign for AVP3 in the Predator on hard, one mission left, at about 10:00 PM I'll finish it. I had a bit of a difficulty on the Preatorian from the Ruins, I hope the Predalien doesn't give me trouble... If anyone's having trouble with the Preatorian, my bro helped me kill him. I was using the Plasma-Caster and it just wouldn't hit him because it was just so inaccurate. I was getting irritated and my bro said "Use it like a shotgun," I asked what he meant and he said, "Kill the Xenos, get up in his face and spam that sh**." I told him that if I hold it, the blast will be bigger and do more damage. and he replied "Rapid fire because the aim-assist sucks when…

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  • To'Kaa

    My Kitten

    July 25, 2012 by To'Kaa

    I swear my kitty is on crack, he attacks the floor at random as if it is moving, and he meows his tiny, cute, little head off for no apparent reason, and last night I was on my X-Box, on Netflix, and I got bored. I was petting my cat, he was purring, and I turned off the X-Box and he started just whiplashing his head back and forth meowing nonstop for like, fifteen seconds... We even have nicknames for him like: White House Tiger, because he attacks EVERYTHING, and Mini-Cow, because he is white with black spots, and last of all, Shredder, because if there is little piece of paper, plastic, wrapping, etc. he will rip it apart and shred it to bits. So that sums up my kitty hope you like it! So until next time I write my in Blog, peace out.

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  • To'Kaa

    I'm New

    July 24, 2012 by To'Kaa

    Hello, to whoever is reading my Blog, I'm new, my profile is named To'Kaa after my fan made Yautja named To'Kaa Jaim'mer. I am a huge fan of the Alien/Predator series, I have AVP3 on X-Box 360 and plan to get Alien Versus Predator, AVP2, and the other games, and I have seen all the Aliens movies and Predator movies and even plan to get a Predator Costume. I would probably have a fan made Xeno but I do not know much about them and I find them hard to draw... so yeah. I live with my bro, mother, and my awesome dog, Daisy Mae! I have a Deviant Art account, but I have no deviations yet, I have a Youtube account, and an X-Box Live account. My gamer tag is mythicDUDE227. I play AVP, COD, Halo, Sonic, and various other games like Assassins Creed,…

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