Here is where we will begin improving the wiki.

This wiki was adminless when I first came here and in a bad way, but once some admins were appointed, things improved fairly fast. Pages that were needed to be deleted but could not be due to no admins, were finally deleted. Sources were added and pages were improved. Wikis however, are always a work-in-progress and thus needs updating a lot. This wiki is no exception as there is always room for improvements. Wiki project 2013 begins now.


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Signing onEdit

This is where admins/crats or members can sign their name to volunteer and help the wiki project. Its not mandatory but if this wiki is to be improved then more people need to be involved. Also it shows that members are contributing a lot. Just sign your name in a post saying that you volunteer and your name will be moved up to this section.


  • Recruiting more members.
  • Add sources. (We will have to go through all pages to make sure they are sourced, if they are not then we find sources)
  • Remove fanon and place it in blogs or author's page.
  • Remove non-confirmed info and/or speculation.
  • Perhaps make a source tier to help pages. (fox or any other direct source being tier 1 etc, we can discuss this in the comments. just ask or give an idea about it)
  • Encourage more activity with members via blogs or chat rooms.
  • Improve stub pages.
  • Remove or fix red links.
  • Ensure members know the rules, either by pasting the rules on to their profiles or telling them.
  • Monitor any blogs or talk pages which are very active and/or could be on the subject of canon which is very sensitive and is prone to cause arguments.
  • Make sure to preemptively warn members if they are getting close to arguing.


Certain tasks may be more in need of doing than others but all are important. Remember, all members can participate not just admins, so if you want to help just sign up.

Sourcing for example, is a priority and so is removing information that cannot be proved to exist and so at the very least, some info should be tagged with [citation needed] if a source is needed.

Pages That Needs Sourcing

Name a pages that is in needed of sources and it will placed here so we contributing members can help fix it.

Ideas or suggestionsEdit

All ideas and suggestions are welcome, post them in the comments below and if it is good enough, it will be placed in this section to be reviewed and looked by the admins.