We don't really have barnstars or anything else for this to my knowledge but some members deserve to have their tireless yearly efforts acknowledged. To this end, I created this blog.

While there has been a few members that in the past that could have qualified, this blog is starting with 2014.

Members of the year for 2014 are Toa Quarax and Leigh Burne.

Gentlemen, your contributions have been immensly helpful and you both helped turn this wiki around, I hardly recognize it from when I first saw it (which was really bad). With the efforts of Nightmarizard, Ultimatex, Troopdude, Bman and myself, we managed to improve the wiki a little bit but not to the extent you guys did, plus due to their personal lives and situations, the admins became inactive leaving most work yet to be finished.

When you both arrived I kept an eye on you two as I could see how good your edits were, and I wanted to see what you could do, and you didn't disappoint, I began thinking about making the both of you admins as you both showed promise and the previous ones were inactive. I was originally going to wait until the others became active again so we could all discuss it but Ultimatex, who must have shared the same thoughts as I, openly suggested it to me on my talk page which solved the problem of waiting for the others, and thus I made you admins.

As admins, you have done a bang up job and greatly improved the wiki, you know more about coding than I which means you can do what I could not, hell you edit better than me too as well, I am obsolete lol

You categorized, added sources, deleted speculation and cleaned up pages nicely, you made this wiki respectable. Work is not done yet though, the work will never be done as a wiki is always a work in progress.

So this blog is to say thank you and well done, give yourselves a pat on the back for you both deserve it.

Unfortunately there are no cookies to give as I ate them but feel free to have a digital beer lol

Oh and happy new year.