When AVP came out and I saw it, one of the many things that annoyed me was how unrealistic the life cycle speed was. 10 mins instead of the usual 16 to 24 hours. I didn't think it could get worse than that but with this franchise, there is always something worse. Chet for instance.

Defiance is that new low. A character in it called Hollis is literally impregnated within moments, probably less than four mins but I am getting ahead of myself. I shall explain now.

Basically Hollis, Zula and Davis and running down a hallway on the depot station, Hollis gets seperated from them by a blast door and Zula attempts to use some engineering skills she picked up from Amanda to get the door open.

Hollis is then attacked by a horde of Facehuggers and manages to shoot most of them dead, Davis even says she is holding her own (as he is watching through the blast door window) but tells Zula to hurry up after seeing a close call. When they get the door open, they see Hollis struggling to push one Facehugger from latching on to her face (its inches from it and its ovipositer hiting her mouth, causing it to bleed) Davis grabs the parasite and pulls it from her and destroys it.

Clearly by the time frame and the fact that the non-cocooned Hollis was still conscious and actively fighting the parasite off means they got to her in time right? Wrong...apparently, the end of issue six implies something is wrong with her and she gets a scan that confims it and issue seven outright states and shows that the Facehugger had somehow within the space of a few moments, had actually latched onto to Hollis very briefly and implanted its "embryo" just before she had the strength to push it off ......

Most people here would say what the beep....and I would strongly agree with them.. what the hell were the people behind that comic thinking?! You would think fox and others would be more conscious of continuity with their new timeline but nope they have gone and screwed it up again, and even worse than the first AVP film (the second movie was worse but the life-cycle speed in the first film was just atrocious) which I did not thing was possible honestly but as I said, there is always something worse.

The whole incident defies logic and previous Facehugger behavior, also since one of the credit panels in seven show Hollis fully Facehugged, why didn't Davis mention this? He was watching through the window and doesn't mention it.

First of all, Facehuggers will sedate its host if they are not cocooned i.e if they attacked in the open and they are capable of defending themselves.

Secondly, it supposed to take hours for process to be completed, this was not even 10 minutes! the scene it happens in is similar to the scene in Aliens where Hicks is trying to cut through the floor to get to Newt, tense sure but simply only moments!.

Thirdy, how was Hollis able to pull it off her face? Six makes us think that it didn't attach and they got to her in time until the ending shows otherwise, but seven shows it on her face! No one can pull a Facehugger off once its fully attached, it just simply too strong and hosts are knocked out in seconds of attachment. Ripley is the only known case of managing to pull it off and she was superhuman and in the water at the time.

If the Facehugger was dead sure, hosts do manage to pull dead ones off their face, but this one was alive and still actively trying to latch on.

This comic screwed up right on the half way mark.