I recently watched the trailer for Alien:Covenant and it does spoil a few things unfortunately, but its seems that is what trailers do these day sadly but I won't talk about anything except what we are looking forward to in the movie itself. Xenos!

Yes, Xenomorphs are indeed confirmed which some of us knew already or at least had hints of it. There is an Egg, Facehugger and Drone in the trailer and while its good to see the Xenomorphs back....I can't help but question the design on them, specifically the egg and parasite.

Covenant trailer egg (1)
Covenant trailer egg (3)
Covenant trailer egg (2)

Firstly the Egg is no longer ovoid. At the bottom its roundish but further up it is more straight, thin and pointed upwards which makes it look wrong. The way it opens up is more like Cameron's egg in which the points bend further back but point straight out rather than fold completely back.

Covenant trailer facehugger (1)
Covenant trailer facehugger (2)

The Facehugger has become more skeletal and seems smaller and less wide, the legs look like twigs, much more spindly than usual.

Drone tail

The Drone's tail seems thinner but otherwise its gone back to the original barbed design which is awesome. I always preferred the barb design myself, its seems more practical and vicious as well.

Its too early to tell on the Drone since only its tail and teeth are seen but the changes to the Egg and Facehugger seems unnecessary and pointless.

Now I am not going to be one those fans that loses it simply because of design changes because that is sad lol but that said, design changes for the Alien have not gone well with fans in the past, The Runner is arguably the only design change that was accepted I believe and only because it had an explanation i.e different host rather than it being sudden and done for preference.

In fairness it is way too early to really put thoughts or criticism down since the film is not out yet and there is no context to base such thoughts on, for example the egg and facehugger could possibly be mutated by the black liquid or spores but right now we don't know and its easy to misjudge.

Thankfully the designs are basically the same but any fan easily spot the difference which may seem subtle to some but can see like a sore thumb to another. 

UPDATE: The recent trailers show that the Drone lacks any of its biomechanical traits and is quite different in a few other ways, however there may be an explanation for this as a current theory is that the Eggs and Xenomorphs are not actually the original ones but a imitation of them, someone basically copying the Engineer's work.

What are your thoughts on the matter?