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Xenomorph Abilities

Now we all know that the alien/xenomorph/serpent/xeno/bug (Did I miss any?) are very dangerous creatures. How dangerous are they? What so all the regular aliens have, excluding the praetorian lifecycle and the newborn from Alien Ressurection?

Static Traits:


four limbs

second mouth

Bladed and pointed tail

Dynamic Traits:

Color (Depending on color of environment the chestburster cocooned itself in) 'Alien3 had a red alien from the red structures'

Head texture (Depending on the texture of the environment the chestburster cocooned itself in) 'Alien and Alien3 had smooth heads to blend in with the pipes while Aliens had a more ridged head that looked like the hive space'

Misc. (Depending on the host, dog giving it a more crouched stance, predator giving it a tougher and stronger body and dreadlocks) 'I would like more examples of hosts and their transbreeds'

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