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  • My occupation is to search for answers about humanity's past.
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  • SynthNorbert

    SInce the novelisation of A:C presented a different origin story for the xeno species than what we were lead to believe in the film, is the A:C - Origins novel going to be a prequel to the film, the novel, or both? I feel like since Foster is writing the story, its going to be more in line with the novelisation, further corroborating the origin story. Any thoughts? SynthNorbert (talk) (Contribs) 20:08, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

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  • SynthNorbert

    My Alien Theory:

    So Alien: Covenant was AWESOME! it totally quenched my thirst for new Alien universe expansion plus left the story current story open to head in a totally different and even more previous direction... let me explain...

    David couldn't have created the Xenomorphs. The derelict in LV-426 with the chestbursted pilot was millions of years old when it was found in Alien, so the xenomorph or a variation of it existed long before David cooked one up in a lab on a distant planet. 

    What I think is happening is that while Weyland was obsessed with finding the formula to eternal life, David was obsessed with finding the Engineers and replicating their solution to the formula to eternal life and replicating it himself... xenomorphs.


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  • SynthNorbert

    I was at my local comic shop today and found X-O Manowar #0 and the X-O Manowar tech manual which I decided to pick up and add to my Magnus, Robot Fighter vs Predator series. In Magnus vs Predator, a rival gang out to take Magnus down has stolen an X-O Manowar helmet from Predator's trophy collection, and unless you are a reader of Valiant Comics X-O Manowar, you are left in the dark about the significance of why X-O is so important and how Predator even got a hold of it. I decided to add these two comics to the collection to add background into where X-O came from and why it's so valuable to a predator.

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