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    Beta Theme

    May 21, 2010 by Subtank

    Hello all.

    Hope you had a nice day helping expanding Xenopedia! Anyway, I managed to cook up some neat and cool designs fro the Main Page. I even manage to update some of the wiki theme a bit. Hope you enjoy the theme! More updates coming in June!

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  • Subtank

    AVP Skin Proposal

    April 12, 2010 by Subtank

    Hey all,

    I've constructed a Skin (Monaco, of course) for AVP Wiki and it is currently under Alpha Testing. If you would like to participate in this test, head over to , copy and paste the coding and paste it in your own Monaco.css (for example, User:/monaco.css).

    Not all of the templates will be compatible with this Alpha Skin; the skin's theme is slightly dark If you consider slate grey as a dark colour and you will most likely encounter some readability issues with certain articles as the current skin sets the font colour black.


    • Font colour changed from black to white.
    • For non-IE users, they will enjoy some neat rounded designs.
    • Slate grey is the current background colour; white is boring and doesn't represent the dark atmosphere of the AVPā€¦

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