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Hi, I'm Spooky799kil. I am a huge fan of the alien and predator franchise. I have seen those movies to death and I have played many of the game adaptions and I love them. Now I have a youtube account under of the name, (spooky799kil) which I have videos of AVP 2 AVP1 AVP 3 and AVPE. I have a few subs and fans. I was huge fan of AVP 2 and AVP Extinction. Now a few years back (may be 2 years at most around when Prometheus came out) I wrote a fan script for a sequel to the game, AVP Extinction 2. Some of my subs want to see it, and I decided I would upload it on this site since it has most of the fans on it. I want to upload it here for fans and my subs to see what an AVP Extinction 2 could be and what potential to have (Opinion). Now I am new to blogging and I have many questions on this. I noticed the rules to this site and I don't fully understand it. If I use titles, names, and information from past Alien, Predator, AVP, I am supposed to put attribution to the authors. Now does that count that this a fanfic, I mean its just my ideas and descriptions of what I think a new game should be. Also what happens if I used information of the first AVP extintion and other media of the franchise? Thanks for reading and if you think I should upload then please tell me, also please answer my questions. Thanks!

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