• Spikeygod69

    Improvement Drives

    July 24, 2010 by Spikeygod69

    So I saw that Wookiepedia has improvement drives/projects on their site. I would like to get something of the sort going here specifically geared towards articles grouped by Movies, Games, Novels and Comics. Right now i'm focusing on the Marines of Aliens (film) and I've got a few of the articles polished up with some feedback. (i.e. [[Hudson and Dwayne Hicks as examples.) Maybe an example could be "Alien Improvement Drive" for one geared towards the Nostromo, crew,etc. relating to Alien and the media relating to it? I know that stuff could use some reworking/writing, spell-checking and sourcing. Cad has posted a link on my talk page that helped me out a bit on writing this and how to go about improving articles.

    If anyone is interested on …

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