Okay, well, with the last few UK Aliens comics added, the Aliens comics section of Xenopedia is now complete (at least in terms of including an article on every story ever produced). Hopefully it can serve as a nice skeleton for fleshing out all the details of all the various series on here, which I see some folks are already doing. Right on. (Btw, I've been thrilled to find that most of these comics aren't actually that hard to find online if one knows where to look.)

Now going to revisit the Predator comics entries and conform them to the basic style that kind of developed organically for me as I went through all the comics entries through the Aliens ones. It's interesting, you can see a telephone-game happening if you trace the first articles I worked on till the present ones.

Doing the research for these entires has gotten me combing a wide variety of places online for info and I'd think I'd like to see an article about all of the various Aliens, Predator and AVP fansites out there.

Well, I need some serious stress relief right now (been dealing with evil corporations of the non-fictional variety lately), so I'm going to sit down to some serious xenopedia editing.