Just three more creators of one last comic to make articles for, and all of the creative teams for the entire 20 year old Predator comics line will be entered into Xenopedia!

The last title, the Predators: Preserve the Game movie sequel. This will mean that both the AvP and Predator lines are covered in this way. Next will probably be the Aliens comics creators, unless I decide to do the cross-overs, first.

This continues to be fascinating and deeply educational experience for me, compiling theses these articles and reading the backgrounds and bios of all these artists, writers and editors from the past thirty years. If you read the articles, you basically get a snapshot of the whole comics industry and how it works, from bottom, up. Super nerd fun.

Apparently, the new thing is "talent agents" that represent comics artists and writers and help sell their work to publishers. (Which is actually kind of how, once upon a time in the 30s in New York, the comic book business first began!)

Still, though, I gotta admit, there seems to be a certain noticeable lessening of artistic and creative vigor to the comics as my research extends into modernity.

(DONE!--gonna go drink a celebratory glass of V8 Splash. The drink of Predator fans everywhere.--SpaceWuss 00:48, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

(Btw. Not being able to comment on your own posts? that fuckin BLOWS!)