Today with the posting of the article on the Aliens/Predator Free Comic Book Day flip book issue, I will have completed creating and standardizing every entry in the AVP comics section. I've already gone back and reformatted basically all of the Predator and Alien articles (with the exception of the first few Aliens comics entries, which still bare some vestige of the convoluted, confusing and useless skeleton of their original wikipedia versions--ptewey. I'll get around to fixing those up).

So now I'll be able to move on to the cross-over comics such as Batman vs. Predator, Aliens vs. Superman, etc.

It's a proud day for nerd kind.

Also, I rewatched the movie Conan the Barbarian recently with director commentary by Arnold and the director, John Milius, and if you have never done it, I highly recommend it! It's hilarious and insightful. Pretty cool.

Now, what I need from you, help. I think we now have a good skeleton for all of the comics pages and one can at least easily skim through the entire history of these franchises in comics and know basically what happened in each series and how they interconnect, which I think is pretty nifty. But I'm sure you can see what's missing. Pictures. I need cover images of every issue and frankly they're not all that hard to get. I've just been focusing on the written content so far. Also my computer is a bit of a clunker. So there's that, too.

So, please help me add cover art for all of the comics. And may the Schwartz(ennegger) be with you!