There is now an article for every Aliens, Predator or Aliens vs. Predator or Cross-over comic book ever produced under those titles. We officially kick wikipedia's ass.

Crazy amounts of respect to joker's Predator: The Hunted website was an invaluable tool in helping to get a lot of the basic information, and of course the Dark Horse Comics website, the source of it all. Also to a number of other places where info was found.

Please help to expand and complete these articles by adding cover images, photos, creator articles, or helping to complete full story synopses for each one.

Also, there are still a few outlying articles yet to create. One for the Dark Horse Presents and Dark Horse Comics serieses which were the first place many of the stories were published (including the first-ever AVP issue in history in DHP #36), one for the Aliens Magazine, which printed reprinted and new Aliens content in the UK for two volumes, and four for the four issues of the Dark Horse Heroes, Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack cross-over storyline that cross the Predators over with Dark Horse's inhouse superhero line. (Okay, so maybe it's not COMPLETELY game over, yet. ARGH! Seven more articles!? Really!??!)

But yeah, if it had the words Aliens, Predator or AVP in the actual title of the book, we're done.

I notice that our pages are coming up much higher in google searches on the subjects now, at times in the first page of results, if not then the second.