So, I've moved on now to filling in articles about the creators behind each comic book series one by one.

My first focus was on the editors. Comic book editorial staffs play a mysterious and yet integral background role in the development of any franchise. In fact, they are the real, unseen power behind a line and largely responsible for much of what we as fans react to. They decide what kind of books are produced, what style is followed, how much of the stories will deal with previous material and how much will be new. They are thus responsible more than anyone else for the interconnectedness or lack thereof of a comic book franchise like the A/P/AVP lines.

It was something of a minor revelation for me after years of comics reading to finally notice that the serieses I tended to like, despite differeing creative teams, would all, upon inspection, be found to be edited by the same person.

Thus there are typically eras of a franchise, A/P/AVP is no different. The strength of the early serieses and the increasing confusion and weakness as the line has gone on.

After the editors I have focused on the writers. And now am getting in to the artists (themselves divided between cover artists and interior artists).

One of the most fun parts of all this posting has been coming across something I had not thought of at all: personal websites of various creators. These aren't easily found elsewhere for the most part, but end up being such a wonderful thing to look into. You get to see what happened to these wonderful creative professionals in the past 20 years. Some, who were only involved just barely, are at the forefront of the comics field even today. Others, integral to the serieses, have vanished into obscurity. And other permutations along that line.

Anyway, it's fun. I hope other people enjoy it besides myself. It's also quite daunting. I still have seemingly countless editors, writers and artists to add info on.

I suppose this is all just me stalling on the meatier work of actually outlining the plots and characters of each comic. But I have yet to finish reading the Aliens line, so that's probably why.