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Hello, Alien world

My name is....

Hey, my name's Chris, and I'm new to the AVP Wiki. I've always loved the Alien and Predator series and the crossovers. I was wondering if anyone would mind introducing themselves?

Some stuff....

My reactions to the Wiki....

So far, I love this place. The info is very descriptive and, from what I know, accruate. I've noticed it's very expansive and active. I only have, like, 1 or 2 edits, but I hope to change that soon enough. One thing that surprises me is that chat is usually totally empty. I would have figured such a busy place would be full chat-wise.

My reactions to the latest film...

I haven't seen Prometheus yet, but I am going to. However, from what I can tell of the movie, my hopes aren't that high.

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