So for those who do not know or have not glanced at my User Page, I am developing a massive fanon story for the Alien franchise known as Alien: Empire. I plan to do all of my work relating to this story here, but I need help! While I have a basic plot idea, it needs to be expanded and improved to flow better and make more sense. I will also need this to be done for the separate articles relating to characters, weapons, etc.! If you have ideas, please come on over and help! Who knows? If we're lucky, we could very well end up getting this published some day. To get a taste of what's in store for you in terms of this movie and what's related to it, here is what I have for the plot so far :

Rough Draft of Plot for Alien: Empire (So Far)


A Discovery Better Left Undiscovered

Human technology had finally allowed the center of the Earth to be reached, a billionaire and founder of a top team of scientists trained in the field of extraterrestrial research by the name of Miles W. Kane funding an expedition to the Earth's core. What the humans he dispatches discovered was a series of hidden chambers deep within the Earth's crust that contained a dark secret. Ten Alien Queens were discovered in a comatose state, embedded into the walls of the largest chamber. The Queens were removed from the walls and carried to the surface, where they would be taken to Kane's personal laboratory, found on a remote and uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean, for analysis. Just as the first Queen reached the surface, the cavern collapsed and the chambers were all filled with boiling magma. The remaining Queens were rushed to the surface, the humans consumed by the liquid rock and killed in the process, but not before activating a distress beacon. The Queens were then transported to the laboratory via military.

Experimentation Begins and a Man's Better Judgment is Clouded by Greed

When the Queens arrived at the laboratory, Kane soon followed from his residence in California to oversee the research and experimentation that was to be carried out on them. When Kane learned from his researchers that the aliens could be revitalized, he gave the order to do so without a moment's contemplation. In a matter of weeks, the Queens were awake, while kept restrained and further immobilized by a strong muscle relaxant, and kept in top-security holding cells, where they laid countless egges and produced several adult Xenomorphs for the scientists to study. Seeing everything was going as planned and amused by the Aliens' great power, Kane demanded his researchers find a way to get that same power for himself. Thus each of the Queens, save for one fail-safe, were sedated and placed under several illegal experiments for the purpose of modifying their genetic structure to create the ultimate killing machines, killing machines that would serve as an army for the greedy billionaire, thus allowing Kane to gradually become the Earth's sole leader. Much to Kane and his scientists' disappointment, the genetically modified Queens were all killed during the results stages of the experiments. All that had been discovered for the purpose of Kane's goal was how to create a human-Alien hybrid, which would later be known as a "Humalien" once it existed, one that would allow a human full control of a Xenomorph's bodily functions in return for sacrificing much of their human form for that of a Xenomorph. Kane deciding this was better than nothing, he ordered the dead Alien Queens' bodies be burned along with their Facehugger-harboring eggs, the captive Xenomorph drones gassed to death, and the cells that allowed the creation of such a hybrid be condensed into a special liquid and kept in a secure area.

The Man Pays the Price for his Actions

One night, a tropical storm struck the island on which Kane's lab was located. All power was cut, leaving the scientists and even Kane himself defenseless. Consequently, the gassing process that was to kill the Xenomorphs had been delayed. The surviving Alien Queen broke free of her restraints, and along with several Xenomorphs, killed everyone present in the lab except for Kane. The man did not escape the island without his battle scars, however, as the liquid containing the Humalien cells spilled onto his body during his escape from the Alien Queen, seeping into the man's open wounds. Military forces came to Kane's rescue once they were alerted of his coordinates via a stray radio transmission, taking him on a three day helicopter flight to the E.R. in California once the island was completely evacuated and the laboratory had been destroyed from a safe distance. The fact that the Aliens were now loose to populate and possibly take over the Earth was kept secret by the military and government, an excuse made on public television by the president to cover up for the many recent casualties on the island.

Once Kane had been hospitalized, doctors immediately began the various surgeries needed to seal Kane's many, still-bleeding wounds. Despite their great efforts, however, Kane wasn't healing. Strange anomalies such as the lengthening of the back of his head, the darkening and hardening of his skin, the sharpening of his teeth, a slight disappearance of facial features, and the growth of small spines down his back also began to occur. After almost a week of hospitalization, Kane's wounds finally stopped bleeding and mysteriously and instantly vanished. Despite this, the transformations took their toll on his body, Kane now dead. Having become a Humalien in the Alien Queen's escape, news of his death and mutation was only delivered to his cousin, Harold J. Kane, while his body was taken in for experimentation by the nation's top scientists.

Main Film, Set Five Years Later

Dispatched to a Hell on Earth

A descendant of the great Ellen Ripley, a man dubbed Ethan Ripley, was called from his peaceful life as a lawyer and family man in Phoenix, Arizona to visit Harold M. Kane, the cousin of the man that had vanished five years earlier. Ethan learning from Harold about the man's cousin's affiliation with the Aliens Ellen Ripley had once faced, he was then told that the creatures were running wild on the island where Miles Kane's laboratory now laid in ruins, and could possibly take over the Earth due to their murderous ways. Harold begged with Ethan to go to the island in hopes of finding the man's long-lost cousin, Ethan refusing despite the many tempting offers he received. A few days after this, Ethan was involuntarily dispatched along with a large battalion to the island, forced to use a team comprised of a Thatcher, Holland, Jefferson, Banks, and MacGreggor to lead the attack and exterminate the aliens before their threat grew any larger. Their time on the island had been limited to one month by Harold Kane's organization in hopes of keeping the number of casualties down.

The battalion set a perimeter around the island, establishing a large base and temporary laboratory for the team to live and work in during their time on the island. While several of the new high-power weapons that had been developed just for this mission by the government were being tested, the first signs of Alien activity had been detected by the powerful computers found in the temporary lab. Over the course of the next few weeks on the island as several search parties were sent out in search of the Aliens only to die and not return, even more casualties and cases of missing team members were reported. Soon it was just down to Ethan's team of five others. They tried their best to survive on the island as food supplies and other necessities ran short, learning to better perfect their methods and bonding with one another so they could become a better team, rather than work alone. It was soon time for the five survivors to settle things once and for all. Beginning to scout the surrounding jungle, the team discovered the corpses of hundreds of Xenomorphs.

All Hale the Emperor

Various clues such as pieces of camouflage fabric, badges, and even weapons had been discovered on Ethan's team's extensive search of the island's jungles, all leading to the revelation of another island in close proximity to the one they were on, where the largest sign of Alien population had been detected. The team used the last of their supplies to get to the other island, discovering the bodies of batallion members one by one. The bodies were found in a trail, the team led to a large underground cave. Inside it lay the source of the signals, a vicious, collossal Alien unlike the several living and dead Xenomorphs that surrounded it. The beast was able to communicate to some degree, explaining itself to Ethan, who could somehow understand it. The beast then attacked along with its Xenomorph lackeys, Thatcher, Banks, and Jefferson killed in the process of escaping the monstrous Alien. Ethan Ripley not willing to risk the lives of the survivors, he quickly activated a retreat signal, the survivors rushing back to their air transport and fleeing back to the main island in order to hide and regroup.

A Missing Friend and an Ambush

Saddened by the loss of their comrades, the survivors returned to their camp as a torrential rain began to fall and thunder and lightning began to shake the skies. It was MacGreggor who said he would not rest until the lives of all those dead people had been avenged, grabbing what weapons he could find and stepping outside, taking a leave for the jungle only to be followed by Ripley at the request of Holland. Ripley called out for MacGreggor, hearing no response and turning to go back indoors when MacGreggor's scream rang in his ears and the sound of heavy panting, the rustling of trees and bushes, and fast foosteps could be heard. Ripley grabbing a weapon of his own and leaving the safety of the camp, he hestiantly continued to call out MacGreggor's name as he walked towards the jungle, only to be faced with a Xenomorph. The Alien fought Ripley, Ethan running for his life around the camp. It backed him into a corner, Ethan managing to kill it with his weapon only to be faced with two more Xenomorphs just as he began to think it was safe. The Aliens ignoring their dead comrade, they proceeded towards Ripley with the intention to kill. One knocked the weapon out of Ripley's hand with its tail, creating a deep gash in the man's arm via the spikes on its tail. The other then proceeded to knock a distracted Ripley down, grabbing him violently by the leg and dragging him, screaming and in pain, through the jungle with his leg in its maw.

A Life-Changing Nightmare and a Loss of Full Humanity

Eventually the Xenomorph's venom-like saliva seeped into the wounds on Ethan's body, knocking him unconscious. When the man awoke, he found himself in a dark chamber lit only by the pale glow of the moon above. He was surrounded by Xenomorphs, the creatures swiping and snapping at him. Some even succeeded in tearing away pieces of his flesh, the monstrous gray Alien he had encountered before then coming up to him. The beast knocked the other Xenomorphs away and crouched over Ethan's terrified form, opening his outer mandibles to reveal his true maw deep within. It bent its head down low enough to be eye-level with Ethan and then coughed up a strange, spider-like black creature that crawled on its finger-like legs up Ripley's stomach and onto his face, its sharp, spiked tail puncturing small wounds in his neck as it wrapped around him. As the massive Alien stood over Ethan, it then proceeded to watch him squirm and writhe in agony as his body began to transform into that of a Xenomorph, the strange parasitic creature launched off of the man's face as he bolted up onto his feet and let out a frenzied, Alien-like screech.