Hello, Xenopedia! My name is Shadow Zelios, and some of you may remember me from when I notified the community some time ago I was working on a concept for the fifth addition to the ALIEN franchise, ALIEN: Empire. This idea unfortunately dissipated as time went by due to lack of inspiration and was left to rot in the back of my mind...until today.

Today I come before the community of Xenopedia, which is fittingly discussing the addition of a fanon section to the Wiki, with my newest ideas for ALIEN: Empire. Everything is still in the conceptual stages, and I need tons of help developing several aspects of the story because of my lack of experience with the series overall (I've never actually seen ALIEN or any of its sequels; I only write for it because the film's basic concepts appeal to me and have inspired much research). I list what ideas I've come up with for Empire on my own below; hopefully through comments and such on this Wiki, I can get others to support my project and try to aid me again as they once did in the past when I first introduced the story in what was then my one and only blog post.


The Weyland-Yutani Corporation kidnaps and illegally contains several innocent men, women, and children that are to be deported to a distant planet, LV-1313, to dig for uranium deposits that are to be returned to Earth via dropship and brought back to Weyland-Yutani to be used in nuclear testing for the development of a new superweapon for the military. Within a matter of days after arriving on LV-1313, however, the entire group mysteriously vanishes.

In the years since ALIEN: Resurrection, Ripley 8 has been on the run from Weyland-Yutani, which has desperately been trying to reclaim her and have her destroyed because of her nature as a human-Xenomorph hybrid, as well as the "slanderous" things she's been saying about the corporation: "The sons-of-bitches running Weyland-Yutani are as inhumane as the goddam Devil." Ripley is eventually captured, put in a holding cell with inhuman conditions until her execution. She tries desperately to escape, and when officials from Weyland-Yutani approach her and offer to guaruntee her safety if she agrees to travel with a small band of Marines to LV-1313 to investigate the disappearances now that the government is getting involved in their activites, she refuses and states she'd be better off dead than "going back to Hell again on one of your little mercy-missions." Ripley is incapacitated soon after, and when she awakens, she is already on LV-1313.