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  • Shadow Zelios

    ALIEN: Empire

    June 3, 2012 by Shadow Zelios

    Hello, Xenopedia! My name is Shadow Zelios, and some of you may remember me from when I notified the community some time ago I was working on a concept for the fifth addition to the ALIEN franchise, ALIEN: Empire. This idea unfortunately dissipated as time went by due to lack of inspiration and was left to rot in the back of my mind...until today.

    Today I come before the community of Xenopedia, which is fittingly discussing the addition of a fanon section to the Wiki, with my newest ideas for ALIEN: Empire. Everything is still in the conceptual stages, and I need tons of help developing several aspects of the story because of my lack of experience with the series overall (I've never actually seen ALIEN or any of its sequels; I only write for it …

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  • Shadow Zelios

    Alien: Empire

    June 6, 2010 by Shadow Zelios

    So for those who do not know or have not glanced at my User Page, I am developing a massive fanon story for the Alien franchise known as Alien: Empire. I plan to do all of my work relating to this story here, but I need help! While I have a basic plot idea, it needs to be expanded and improved to flow better and make more sense. I will also need this to be done for the separate articles relating to characters, weapons, etc.! If you have ideas, please come on over and help! Who knows? If we're lucky, we could very well end up getting this published some day. To get a taste of what's in store for you in terms of this movie and what's related to it, here is what I have for the plot so far :

    Human technology had finally allowed the center of the E…

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