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  • I live in Hayward, Wisconsin
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is Wort wort wort
  • I am The Liquor
  • Sgt Stacker117

    Is Rookie dead???

    September 18, 2012 by Sgt Stacker117

    I finished the campaign in AvP for xbox 360 but in the ending cimeatic it showed the pilot saying: "Live specimen is secure" on the same dropship that Rookie, Tequila, and Katya are on. But at the ending cinematic for the xenomorph campaign it shows specimen 6 (I assume that was the live specimen) excapes and killed everyone on board. For Rookie, Katya, and Tequilla it shows the statuses are all Alive or Unknown. Please help me out i'm confused...

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  • Sgt Stacker117

    Why cant i find a chat?

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