Here I'll be writing an Alien 5 story. Read it, I have quite an interesting idea.

Chapter 1: Ripley

I'd been on Earth for about three weeks after I escaped the USM Auriga, the ship on which I was cloned. I was living in the Betty with a second-generation android, Call, a wheelchair-confined mercenary, Vriess, and a guy with a taste for me and bad jokes, Johner.

I'll introduce myself.

I'm Ellen Ripley, or at least I used to be. I was born in 2092, and it's 2379 right now. When I was around 30, I was hired as a warrant officer for a commercial hauling starship called the Nostromo. Along with six others, Officer Kane, Captain Dallas, Brett, Lambert, Parker and Ash, we were hauling over one million tons of ore from Thedus to Earth. That mission changed my life, for when we were in hypersleep on the return to Earth, we were awoken by our computer, Mother. We discovered a distress signal coming from a derelict ship on a moon called LV-426. Investigating the signal, the Nostromo was damaged by the atmosphere and had to be repaired. While this happened, I stayed in the Nostromo while three of our crew members (Dallas, Lambert and Kane) checked out the ship, known as The Derelict. They came back with some sort of green colored parasite attached to Kane's space helmet. I didn't want to let them in because of quarantine procedure, but Ash, another crewmember, opened the door.

We tried to take the thing off of him, but it wouldn't budge. It had this... this spider-like body with human-like fingers and a long tail. If we touched its fingers, the tail around the neck would tighten. We tried to cut it off, but we discovered it bled corrosive, acidic blood. We decided not to cut it off, and thought that Kane was done for.

However, after a while, it detached. Kane seemed fine. We had dinner before going back into hypersleep, but then Kane started choking and shaking. The others pinned him down trying to stop it, but he kept shaking and knocking food over. I watched as lots of blood shot out of his chest. It startled us. After some more convulsion, some red thing bulged out of his chest and took us aback. Then some creature rose up out of Kane, and gave a little roar. I actually thought it was sort of cute. We watched it scurry off the table into the ship.

After having a sort of "funeral" for Kane we searched for the creature. It took Brett and Dallas, and left only me, Lambert, Parker, Ash, and in a way, Jones, my cat. I tried talking to our computer, Mother, for ideas, but it wouldn't tell me. I then discovered an evil plot - Weyland-Yutani, who employed all of us, ordered Ash to make sure that the Alien survived at the expense of the crew! I confronted Ash, and he attacked me. Thankfully, Lambert and Parker saved me at a critical moment and we discovered that Ash was an android. We then decided to blow up the ship and escape in the shuttle. I found Jones as I was prepping the escape shuttle and then encountered the mangled, dead bodies of Parker and Lambert. I set the self destruct sequence up and ran to the shuttle, encountering Dallas and Brett in cocoons. They were becoming Alien eggs! I torched them at Dallas' request and continued running for the shuttle. But, I found the Alien was in my way. I tried not to lose my sanity as I flew back to the cooling unit control system. Mother finalized the destruct despite the fact that I turned it off in time. When I returned, the Alien was gone, and Jones and I got in the escape shuttle and escaped the Nostromo.

As I was preparing for hypersleep I got a nasty surprise when I discovered the Alien was hiding in the wall. I managed to flush it out the airlock, and then entered sleep.

My ship drifted into some void, and I was left in stasis for 57 years, the longest at the time. I was awoken at Gateway Station, where someone from the company, Carter J. Burke, told me this. He also told me that my daughter, Amy, grew up, married and died two years before I awoke from hypersleep. I dealt with this and recurring nightmares of the Alien before Burke told me that they had established a colony on LV-426, the planet I had visited 57 years before. However, they lost contact with it. They wanted me to accompany a group of Colonial Marines to investigate, but I kept refusing. After more nightmares, I eventually agreed to go.

While on the mission, I began to develop a relationship with the corporal, Dwayne Hicks, bond with a surviving colonist, a little girl whose name I forgot, and I was also hostile to Bishop, our executive officer who was an android. I didn't trust them after Ash. I discovered that Burke had sent the colonists to check out The Derelict. The girl's father became the host of the Facehugger and it then spread, killing the girl's family as well as everyone else in the colony. Ultimately, I, Hicks, Bishop and the girl were only the survivors.

But, apparently a Facehugger had stowed away on the Sulaco and caused a fire. All our cryochambers were put in EEVs and ejected. We crash-landed on Fiorina "Fury" 161, an all male prison colony. I couldn't think of a better place to be. Why this place? It was dirty and full of lice and men who embrace a religion free of sexual relation. However, I had crash landed on the planet and I wasn't male. So this was a problem...

When I awoke, I discovered that Hicks was killed by debris in his EEV, the girl drowned in the ocean and Bishop was damaged further. I tried to figure out how they died as I mourned them. I eventually repaired Bishop and found out about the Facehugger, and learned that cameras saw it attached to one of the crew members. We later learned that an Alien gestated inside an ox and matured. It began killing the prisoners. Then I discovered that the person impregnated was me. I asked the prison leader, Leonard Dillon, to kill me, and he complied on the condition that I help the prisoners kill the adult Alien.

I eventually killed it by attempting to drown it in lead. It jumped out at the last minute, but I killed it by turning on the sprinklers, which caused it to suffer thermal shock and shatter rapidly. A few Weyland-Yutani employees came in, including a man named "Michael Bishop", who claimed to be the designer of the Bishop android I was familiar with. I thought he was just another android. He tried to convince me to come with him and get surgery to remove the embryo, but I didn't buy his lies. I killed myself by falling into the leadworks along with my chestburster.

Of course, they were still determined. After 200 years and 7 unsuccessful attempts, I was cloned on the USM Auriga, as I stated earlier. They removed the embryo from me, and it left behind DNA that turned me into an Alien/Human hybrid. The infant Alien quickly grew into a large Alien Queen, and began producing Aliens for study. Eventually they escaped their confinement, and I teamed up with a group of mercenaries on the ship, who were here to deliver kidnapped human hosts for experimention with Facehuggers. We had three hours to escape the ship, which was travelling to Earth. If Aliens invaded Earth human civilization would die in weeks. We couldn't allow this. We then decided to blow up the ship and escape in their shuttle, the Betty. After three hours, we got to the Betty, as the ship was set for a collision course with Earth. An Alien/Human hybrid that I saw the Queen give birth to had followed us into the ship. I killed it using my usual Alien kill method: flush it out an air lock. The way I did it this time was to burn a window with my blood, and have it sucked out, piece by piece. Ultimately, we landed on Earth in Paris, France, where we currently are.

Chapter 2: Ripley

We hadn't known what had happened to this place. My guess was that it was due to the collision of the Auriga, or another prior incident.

Our food was beginning to go, so we decided to leave Earth. Even though I had nearly got us killed by burning the window, Johner kept saying I flew the ship sexy. "Want me to rip out your tongue?" Whenever I said that, he shut up.

Taking off, we discovered the United Systems Military frigate, and boarded it. As we exited the Betty, the ship's alarms went off, saying, "Warning. Unauthorized landing in docking bay 6." Several soldiers came running in, and aimed their guns at us. Johner aimed his too. Call got down on the ground like she would typically. Vriess began to set up his gun, and I assumed a fighting position, as I didn't have a gun.

A man shoved past the soldiers. Bishop?! Was this the android, the man on Fiorina, or an entirely different person? I didn't know.

"Greetings. I knew you four would come. Especially you, Ripley."

I resumed a calmed, standing position.

"You're Bishop. Are you an android or a creator?" He laughed.

"Ah, I see you remember your friend Bishop, Ripley. Well, believe it or not, I am that Bishop. The company rebuilt me." I was actually happy at this. At least one of my companions is "alive".

"So, do you plan to arrest the four of us?" I asked.

"No, actually. Welcome to the United Systems Military frigate. You may be interested to know that we are returning to LV-426 for a... certain project, if you will."

"It's cloning Aliens, isn't it?!"

Bishop was silent.

I looked down at Call, who was still hunched on the ground. "You can get up now, pussy." She laughed as she stood up.

Bishop gave us a place to stay, and asked me to talk to him in private. "Yes, Mr. Traitor?" I asked him.

Bishop laughed at the idea that he had betrayed me. "No, no. I have a secret to tell you. I have kept this away from everyone."

"Go on."

"You see, they rebuilt me shortly after you were cloned, and made me the captain of this ship. I pretended I was leading people to a project on LV-426. We discovered that The Derelict had not been destroyed in the explosion 200 years earlier. We're going there to destroy the eggs, Ripley. You and me. And your three friends if you want as well."

I didn't say anything.

"I have another surprise for you." He left the room for a minute and came back with a cat in his arms.


Bishop smiled as he handed the cat to me and I hugged it. Jones had survived the Nostromo along with me, and he was living with me before I left for LV-426. "How did he stay alive?" Bishop explained that Jones was put in stasis after the world heard of my death, to be awakened when I was cloned. I thought it was a wonderful surprise. I held the cat close to me as Bishop left to retrieve Call, Vriess and Johner.

Chapter 3: Hicks

I felt horrible.

I awoke feeling pain in almost every part of my body. It took a few seconds for me to wake up. When I did wake up, I didn't remember who I was. Then it came to me.

I was Dwayne. Dwayne Hicks. The corporal of the Colonial Marines in 2179. I was 28.

What was I doing here, wearing nothing but my underwear? I got up just as a doctor came in.

"Now, now, Hicks. Don't get ahead of yourself. Sit back down." I obeyed.

"Who are you...? And where is this place?" I asked. I felt like a newborn baby, with no knowing of things in the world around me.

"You are on the United Systems Military frigate. The military is quite different from the Weyland-Yutani company that you are familiar with. It was bought out by Wal-Mart many years ago."

I couldn't help but laugh. A chain of convenience stores on Earth had bought out a company that sent people on missions in space.

"What am I...?" I knew the answer, but couldn't help asking.

"You're Corporal Dwayne Hicks, remember?" I nodded. "You're a clone. We remade you after you died on Fiorina "Fury" 161."

"What? I died?"

"Yes. An Alien caused a fire onboard the Sulaco. Your cryochamber was placed in an EEV and ejected. All of you crash-landed on Fiorina "Fury" 161. You died when you were impaled by debris in the EEV. We decided to report you as missing, rather than your death."

"What about Ripley? Newt? Bishop?"

"I do not remember seeing a "Newt", but there was a report of an unidentified female about 12 years old. If that is Newt, she's dead. She drowned in the ocean. Bishop was damaged further, and we salvaged his remains and rebuilt him. He is now the captain of this frigate. As for Ripley, she survived the crash but later killed herself when she discovered that she had an Alien embryo in her chest. She has been cloned like you."

"So, why was I cloned?"

"We cloned you and whoever this "Newt" person is because we thought you might be carrying an embryo as well. Are you?"

"I-I don't feel anything."

The guy ran a scan on me and we discovered that I had no embryo at all. This disappointed him.

"Well, I'm afraid that your cloning was in vain, I suppose. The other scientists will want to have you destroyed. However, I have always liked and admired you, Hicks. I am not one of those scientists."

That gave me some comfort. He offered me a room in his home, and I accepted the offer. I had to stay hidden from the scientists.

Chapter 4: Ripley

Today I was going to do some exploring of the ship.

Awakening, I saw Johner sleeping on top of the blanket. "Fuck off Johner," I said as I smacked him in the face with my pillow. He woke up when I did that. "Oh come on, Rip. Why do you hate me so much?" I turned around, walked over to him, opened his mouth forcibly and held his tongue in my fingers. "Call me Rip one more time and I will rip your tongue out. Okay?" He nodded as best as he could, and I threw him down.

I tried to leave without any followers, but soon I found Call tredging behind me. "Screw off Call," I said without turning to face her. "Ripley, I've been thinking..." I turned around and listened. "I think there's a part of you that's missing and making you arrogant like this. What is it?"

My stressed look softened. "I don't know. Maybe it was that girl I told you about."

Both of us did some walking before we sat down on a bench. Call asked another question: "Have you ever loved someone?" I pondered that question in my head and answered with, "Hicks."

"Hicks? As in the missing and presumed dead 'Corporal Hicks'?"

"Yeah. If it wasn't for the crash on Fury 16 I'd be living on Earth, having married Hicks and he and I would take care of the girl. But my hopes and dreams were crushed by the fucking Alien." I looked away.

"I-I'm sorry, Ripley."

"Oh, forget it. Then on Fury 16 I met Clemens, and I thought he and I could leave and live on Earth. But that dream got crushed too."

"What about Johner?"

I looked at her sternly. "You are a bitch if you think I like him." She laughed. "It was a joke. Cheer up for once."

Suddenly, Bishop came into the room. "Good morning, ladies." he said. I nodded. "You'll be happy to know that we will be soon approaching LV-426." Then he leaned closer and whispered, "Remember the plan I discussed with you..."

"Don't worry Bishop. We haven't forgotten."

"Good, then." Bishop walked away.

I turned to Call. "You tell Johner. I'm not going near him. I don't know what he sees in me, other than my height." Call laughed and left to tell the others.

As I followed Call, I noticed two individuals. One was a man in his 20s, by my guess, and a little girl with long blond hair. The man looked at me, and I looked back.

Hicks and the girl were alive. And I remembered the girl's name. Newt.

Chapter 5: Ripley

I sat staring at the two of them in confusion. Why were they alive? Were they cloned too? Or was I losing my mind? Probably the latter. I'd try to find them again later.

It took a few seconds for me to realize that Call was now gone, and in her place was Vriess. He kept lightly tapping my arm, but when I wouldn't phase out, he slapped me. I slapped him right out of his chair. "Vriess, if you need my attention, then wait for me to faze out of staring at appariations of my dead friends!" I shouted at him. A man was walking and laughed at my angered expression. I gave him the finger.

Vriess was sprawled on the floor, wailing in agony. I lifted him back onto his chair. "Now, what do you want, Vriess? This better not waste my time, even though I'm not doing anything."

"Uh... Do you have any girl advice?" he asked.

I was annoyed. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, because I want to impress Call."

I burst into laughter. "You? Like Call?" I kept laughing. "I mean, she is apparantly fuckible, but you? I just don't see it." I kept laughing.

"I may not have legs, but I do have a heart. And you just broke it, Ripley." he rolled away.

I didn't know why I was behaving unusually. I'd just been a bitch to everyone. What was my problem? I would figure it out after I found Hicks and Newt. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy.

They'd gone down the hall. I asked one of the scientists on board about them, and he led me through several rooms. Then he finally left me at the front of a door. I opened it and stepped in.

In there was Newt.

I walked over to Newt, beginning to cry. I smiled as I held my hand out to her. "Hi, Newt." She looked at me. "Remember me? It's me, Ripley." Newt didn't say anything for a few moments, holding a doll in her hands. It looked a lot like her doll Casey, which she lost in the LV-426 colony facility. Then she quietly said, "Yes. I do remember you." I grinned as I picked her up, crying my eyes out as I hugged her.

Hicks came into the room. I went up to him and gave him a friendly hug. "I missed the two of you," I said. I could go home to Gateway Station, and build a new family. My hopes and dreams for the future were resurrected, like the three of us. I could marry Hicks, adopt Newt and live happily ever after, with no more Aliens in my life.

However, before that could happen, I had to exterminate the species for good.

Chapter 6: Hicks

Ripley was here. She was filling me in on the details. "So, I died?" I asked. She nodded. She told me how she was the only survivor, and that she too had died later. That brought up a question neither of us could answer - how did the egg get on board? The egg that hatched the Facehugger that started the fire and in turn killed all of us?

I asked a different question that I knew she could answer. "What did they do with my body?"

"Your bodies were wrapped up and dropped into their leadworks as a sort of funeral. That leadworks was where I died, by falling into it and killing the last Alien." She ran her fingers through her. "I wish I had my hair then." I looked at her curiously, and she smiled. "The planet was full of lice." I couldn't imagine her bald.

The three of us took another walk through the station, running into this grey-haired guy. "Johner, what do you want?" Ripley asked. He stared at her, saying, "I thought I'd let you know that some guys are liking Call... you know what I mean by liking." Ripley lost her expression before it became angry, and she shoved past us. "Johner" and I ran after her.

Three kids about 18 were fucking Call. Ripley said, "Alright, you assholes. Get your asses out of here before I rip them off." One of the guys was looking at her thinking she was joking. He started laughing only to get thrown aside by Ripley's slap. She turned to the other two. "I can and will tear you two apart if you don't move your asses the fuck out of here NOW!" They ran away in terror as Ripley crouched down at a traumatized, cute girl. "Don't they know they can't fuck a robot?" asked Johner. Ripley laughed.

Call stood up, still with her scared expression. "You haven't looked this worse since Wren shot you." said Ripley. Call calmed down and stared at Ripley. "I'm surprised that you would actually come and help me." Ripley smirked. "Well, if I've lost my daughter and the last LV-426 colonist, then I have to have some kind of bond with someone." Call smiled.

Ripley then turned to Newt, who was running down the hall after us. "But, it seems they've cloned the colonist. And by the way, her name is Newt." Call kept smiling as she shook Newt's hand. "Hey, Newt. I'm Call." Newt was hugging her doll. "And who is this?" Call asked, turning to the doll. "Becky," said Newt. "Hello Becky." Call said, waving at the doll. "I take it you're good with child care," I asked. Call nodded.

I turned to Newt as I said, "Well, Newt. Looks like you've got yourself a babysitter that you'll like." Newt was grinning from ear to ear. "Want to go for a walk with me?" Call asked. Newt jumped at the idea. "Oh yes! Let's!" Call took her hand as they left. I turned to Ripley.

"So... want to have lunch?" I asked. Ripley grinned. "Sure corporal." She put her arm around me as we walked to the mess hall. Johner sat on the bench, disapproving of me. Screw you. Heh.

It was breakfast in the mess hall. The two of us looked for a place to sit before we saw Bishop approaching us. "Hello, old friends!" he said. Both of us nodded. "Today's special is a plate of my famous eggs!" I smiled. Bishop was right, he did make the best eggs. He also made the best bacon. "Why don't you come and sit with me? Bring your friends, Ripley, they're all welcome!"

She went to get Johner and Vriess, and Bishop gave us seats at his table. I was busy scarfing down my eggs when I looked up and saw a familiar person. It looked like Carter Burke! They cloned him too! Ripley noticed too, turning to Bishop. "You never said anything about Burke being cloned, why not?!" "Burke" laughed. "You must be mistaking me for someone else. I'm Parker K. Burke. A descendant?"

Ripley was still looking at him angrily. "Well, 'Parker', one of your predecessors tried to do something to me." I knew Burke was employed by the United Systems Military, so he could try to get her with a Facehugger again. We couldn't let him aboard this mission. I can talk to Bishop, he's very easy to talk to and would gladly exclude Burke from coming with us. Burke said, "I'm shocked. What exactly?" Ripley replied, "None of your business."

She looked at Bishop. He nodded. That meant Burke was off the team. Good.

Ripley continued to stare Burke down as Newt and Call came into the picture. Ripley made room for Newt so that she could sit in her lap, and Call sat beside me. Burke looked at Newt with a smile. It was cold and fishy. I knew what Ripley was thinking.

"Burke," I said.

He turned to me.

"I think you should leave." Ripley continued to stare him down.

He held his hands up as if he was surrendering, got up with his tray and left. Ripley turned to Newt and whispered, "If he ever does something bad to you, you make sure you let me know, alright?" Newt nodded. "I'm not going to let him harm you." I looked at everyone else. "Right?!" she asked. All of them nodded, signifying that we were all going to be body guards for Newt.

Newt then asked, "Hey uncle Bishop" - I laughed in my head at "Uncle Bishop", it was just too cute - "Remember the surprise you promised?" Bishop snapped to his senses. "Oh! Right! Yes, I do have it, right here, just for you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a music box-looking thing. Opening it, the figure inside was wearing a blue ballet suit and had long curly brown hair; it looked a lot like Ripley. It played a song that she sang for Newt once. I heard her, and it was great. Newt smiled and gave Bishop a hug. "Awwww..." I said. "Bishop's an uncle!" I teased him. He laughed and smiled, giving Newt a kiss on the cheek. Ripley grinned at the adorable scene.

Chapter 7: Ripley

Call, Vriess, Johner and I had moved into Bishop's home on the frigate. Thus I could see Newt a lot more often. She really bonded with Jones, the cat. Really.

There were only a few days left before we neared LV-426 enough that we could enter hypersleep for the journey. I spent those days dating Hicks, playing with Newt and catching up with Bishop. I didn't encounter Burke once. And that was good.

One night, however, that changed. I was just about to get ready for bed, inviting Hicks to sleep with me. I went to sleep, as normal. I didn't wake up at all during the night.

The next morning, however, scared the hell out of me. And that was because I couldn't find Newt! I asked Bishop to check the security cameras, and saw on film, Burke had broken in. He wasn't wearing shoes and had shaved his head. My eyes continued to darken with anger. He arrived in Newt's room and slowly, quietly and flawlessly abducted her. She didn't scream once; she slept peacefully. I just about cursed out loud as I rushed toward the door. "Ripley! Get a hold of yourself!" Hicks was trying to restrain me as I stormed towards the door. "HE KIDNAPPED HER! HE KIDNAPPED HER!"

Hicks kept saying, "Calm down, Ripley. Calm down. We need to figure out where he is, and then we'll break into his home and surprise him. Then... well, you can do whatever the hell you want." So I did calm down. But I was still intensely angry.

Burke, the bitch who tried to make me give birth to an Alien, had just kidnapped my adopted daughter. He was so going to pay. Hicks and I invaded the mess hall, and questioned the janitor. He said that he hadn't seen Burke, but would gladly lend us a ship. He led us to his ship in the docking bay and wished us good luck, before we entered the ship and sped off to Gateway 10, where we tracked Burke. As soon as we were a few feet away, I opened the hatch and jumped out, luckily hitting the ground instead of open air. Hicks took control of the ship and made sure that I didn't send it crashing with my stunt.

As soon as he landed, he started freaking out Private Hudson-style about how I could have killed him again. I just laughed it off. "Hicks, I'm taking a lot more risks now. Know that. Accept that." So he shut up. We moved through the station, questioning security guards and pedestrians, and looking through the windows on doors of people's homes. Eventually, I found it. I could see Burke there, but Newt was nowhere in sight. I tried opening the door. Locked, of course. "Hicks. Knife." He produced a swiss army knife and handed it to me, and I drew a straight line in my hand. The blood appeared. I rubbed my acid-covered hand around the key to the door and kicked it open.

"BURKE! We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Where is she?!" I saw him run out the back door, into a mirage backyard. I decided not to pursue just yet, instead going after Newt. I discovered her in Burke's shower, in a glass cube, chained to poles in the glass. It was filling with water. He was trying to drown her! I almost smashed the shower off button and slammed my pulse rifle into the glass to break it. She fell to the floor as I burned through the chains with my blood. I held onto her for a long time. A very, very long time. Both of us were crying hard.

Then I remembered Burke. Still holding Newt, we pursued Hicks through the "backyard" and saw that he was gone. Until I felt myself fall to the ground. He'd jumped on top of me! I hit my hand on his arm to get up and avoid suffocating Newt. She rolled out of the way as I began to melee combat Burke, before aiming for him with the rifle. "Burke, you're worse than Burke." "Wait." Hicks stopped me from killing Burke here and there. I paused for a minute as Hicks restrained Burke on the ground. As he ran his hand over his shaven head, he lied, to try to extend his life. As if. "Ripley, Hicks, I swear, she came to me. I didn't abduct her." I looked at him like I was saying, "Oh come on. You really expect me to believe that?" I pumped him full of rounds, as the three of us left the scene.

Chapter 8: Hicks

We were closer than ever to LV-426. These past few weeks, I've been dating Ripley and playing with Newt like I've talked about in my last few journal entries. Just two days before we touched down on the planet, Bishop explained everything to us.

"There was a mountain on LV-426 that protected the Derelict from Hadley's Hope's explosion. The USM wanted to go back there to salvage some eggs, but they never got around to it. They were too busy with the operations on the Auriga, and before that, with trying to successfully clone Ripley. It is only now that their research is destroyed, with their host escaped, that they are now looking to go to LV-426 to collect eggs for new experiments and bioweapons. We cannot let this happen, and we will not let this happen. We will have to stall the forces from reaching the planet. They don't know that we're already ahead of them, almost there. Expect to deal with sad memories. They are inevitable. But you must stay on your guard. We have to find the Derelict spaceship, and destroy it. Then, all evidence and remnants of it must be destroyed as well, to wipe out all DNA of the Aliens, sans for Ripley. The only way we can do this is by planting bombs throughout key points of the planet. We will then quickly escape, and destroy the planet. When all of the military shows up, they will find a field of debris from the destroyed planet. We will have to go into hiding, and may even pay for it. Ripley may be captured and used for even more experiments. But it's worth a shot."

"We must also discover the source of all Xenomorphs, be it in the planet itself or even somewhere else. The true source may even be too far away for it to become possibly reachable. It is possible that a race, maybe even the humans, have created these in the hopes of wiping out mankind. We must eradicate their kind as well to prevent any more misuse of the Aliens. Ripley, you must be especially careful. The Aliens will want to steal you from us. Do not show remorse for everyone of your kind that falls to us. This will only crush your confidence that you can complete this mission, and it may even cause you to turn on us. Hicks, protect Ripley at all costs. Also, you must protect Newt too. Newt is especially vulnerable. We all remember what happened the last time Newt died." Ripley looked down in grief. I knew she would never get over losing Newt the first time. "Call, Vriess and Johner will help you all the time. They're your backup. I will be briefing you from up here, on the USM. All the crew of this ship is our ally, and even more backup. They will not try to steal the Aliens or Ripley for bad use. Like on the first mission to this planet, and Ripley's previous encounters with the creatures, not all of you will likely survive. It is quite possible that some of you," - He stared at all of us, - "will die. If you want to stay alive, all of you must be extremely cautious."

"Well then. Ripley, you are the Point Man, or should I say woman, for the mission. Your experience with the Aliens will surely get most of you back up onto the USM safely, with the planet decimated." Ripley answered, "They all die!" Bishop liked her reaction. "Hicks, you're the Special Ops Soldier. Deal out as many rounds, flames and grenades as you need to. Just eradicate them all!" My response was, "Yes sir!" He turned to Newt. "Newt, consider yourself the Oracle of this mission. You'll need to monitor everyone's activity, and report to me as necessary. You have to stay in the dropship." She saluted as she put on my helmet. "Vriess, you're the Engineer. Upgrade the dropship however you want, just make sure Newt stays alive. And please, avoid Alien blood." Grinning, he said "Affirmative." Call, you're Communications. Report to us as necessary, whether you're assisting Vriess or Ripley. And please try to not get on the ground when in a fight." "Gotcha."

"And Johner, you're Recon Scout, as well as additional backup for Ripley. You, her and Hicks will enter the hive and destroy it." Before Johner could say anything, Ripley groaned, "Perfect. Can't you let him be the Point Man? I'll make sure he's the first to die." Bishop ignored her. "As I've said before, all of you must be extremely careful. The situation is critical. We must keep as many of you alive as we can, and destroy as many Aliens as we can. We'll exterminate them or die trying. That's the end of the briefing!"

Of course, this was my first mission in 200 years, after killing Alien ass on LV-426 and then dying on a prison colony, before being cloned for another round. Ripley was going to have to do her best to ensure the survival of her friends. With our missions set, I, Ripley, Newt, Call, Vriess and Johner took their seats as the dropship descended. We flew straight into the blue planet. I looked at Ripley, who looked back. I knew she was ready. I then looked at Newt, who looked too scared. I squeezed her hand to calm her down, and also held Ripley's hand as the ship descended. I heard some trash talk from Johner about the two of us. "Ripley and Hicks, sitting in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-" Ripley kicked his chest and left him gasping for air for nearly 10 minutes.

Once the ship landed, the Marines ran out. The atmosphere wasn't great after 200 years, after the explosion destroyed the entire colony and much of the planet was incinerated. Johner, Ripley and I ran into the ruined building to secure it, before Call, Vriess and Newt entered.

Chapter 9: Ripley

I felt extremely haunted upon stepping into the Hadley's Hope colony building again. Old memories swirled through my head, making me feel more Alien than human. A ruined home, mangled by Aliens, and further beaten by an unstable atmosphere processor. We were spirits of the past, having visited this place before, and then died, Newt, Hicks and I. All clones of former visitors to a ruined home on a distant planet, destined to relive the mission where we lost everything. Soon, however, my feelings of unfortunate memories were quickly replaced by feelings of anger. The Aliens did this. The disgusting, sons of a bitch did this. And I was one of them. If it wasn't for that Alien, the one that had infested the Nostromo, my life would not have changed at all. Why hadn't Lambert listened to me when I told her she couldn't come in? If the Alien that stowed away on the Suloco hadn't infested, then I would never have died, and neither would have Hicks, Newt or Bishop. If I had carried on a possibly normal life, then I would never have met all the mercenaries from the Betty, only three of which were currently alive because of my kind. I would never have met Johner, who was almost as worse as the Alien.

I was one of those motherfuckers. And I was ashamed. Every day, I long for my old life. To no longer be an Alien. My wish will never come true thanks to the creatures that stole my life. I would never forgive them. I would fight them all, day after day, night after night, until they were all dead. All dead. The area seemed to be secure, but that was probably because the Aliens hadn't made it here yet. It took several days to get to the Derelict by foot, and we would have to go this way because we didn't have an APC.

I ran through the familiar medlabs of the complex, which brought back more unpleasant memories. It was in this lab that I was almost impregnated, along with Newt. It was an attempt to sneak embryos past Earth quarantine to the facilities, where they would become bioweapons. I regretted saying that he had to go back, and I'm not sure of his fate, but whatever it was, I am glad it happened. Especially after his descendent.

I ran through several rooms, coming across a carcass. It was neither human nor Alien, rather, something different. "Hicks, come look at this." He came over and inspected the cage. "What is that?" I asked. "Oh, I think I remember. This was a hamster we picked up on the Motion Tracker." "Hm. Why didn't you guys bother bringing it?" He looked at me. "What? You think this small thing should have been kept alive?" "Well, I took my cat with me while escaping the Nostromo, so, yes, all life should be safe from the Aliens."

Even further on was the sewer ducts, almost to the exit of the facility. I looked into the waters, for more unpleasant memories. An Alien had kidnapped Newt down there when I was trying to cut her free. Down below was the charred remains of a doll's head. "Casey," I said. "Who?" asked Hicks. "Newt's old doll. She lost it, remember? Those are its remains." I pointed to it. "Oh." I picked up my comm system and spoke. "Call, can you get Newt on the line?" I asked. "Sure." A second later, "Ripley?"


"Hello. Is something wrong?"

"No, no, I just... found Casey."


"Remember? Your old doll. It was just a head. You lost it when you were kidnapped."

"Oh yeah."

"Do you want me to get it for you?"


Through the huge gaping hole in the floor, caused by the destruction and further by me trying to cut open an escape hatch for Newt, I climbed down. There was not a drop of water now. I salvaged the blackened doll head, put it in my pocket and climbed out. "Old memories," I said to Hicks, who nodded. "Now we tour the hive." I said.

Leaving the facility, Hicks and I entered the ruined building that served as the entrance to the hive. On the platform was Hicks' gun, left behind because it ran out of ammo. He picked it up and said "Why did you kill the friend?" I laughed. "No ammo left. But that's about to change." He holstered it over his back and I gave him the rest of the tour. There were no more stairs and not much floor left behind, so I did a daring maneuever and jumped down the entire shaft, not breaking an ankle or dying. If Hicks hadn't been holding on he would've been killed. "Next time, let's use the elevator!" He said. "Speaking of which..." I turned around and saw that the elevator was mostly intact due to the strong material it was composed of. I saw ash in the elevator, it was from the shirt I'd discarded long ago. Why were so many important things left behind suddenly appearing? I thought I was being dilirious. Reliving my past, now more horrifying than ever.

"You have to admit it's a thrill, right?" I asked. "Yeah, sure." "Grab hold of me." I said before I showed off my impressive climbing skills. "Alien?" he asked. "Alien." I replied.

Chapter 10: Hicks

Every minute of every growing day, Ripley was impressing me further and further. Every time she did something, I wanted to run my fingers through her hair and touch her skin even more. Press my lips to hers and never let go. And yet, she never said I could.

I ached for her love, and she ached for mine. Neither one of us knew this, not until near the very end, where her iron will eradicated the Aliens forever. The Alien DNA had completely destroyed her. I knew this. I wondered if she would stay an ally to us or turn on us, if she could see the young, dashing Hicks through his eyes and spare me, nobody else but me, and we could become rulers of the Aliens...

Whoa, whoa, Hicks. You're going too far. "Hicks..." I hadn't noticed Ripley was reaching the top of the hive. "Hicks..." "What?" I asked. "You, my good sir, have your hand on my boob." I looked over her shoulder and saw that she was right. "Sorry". I moved it to her shoulder, but then, I heard a jaw snap. The bottom of my boot was cracked open. "HICKS! CLIMB UP ME A LITTLE MORE!" screamed Ripley. I then saw below us was an Alien. "Oh great." I said, kicking it down with my good boot. "Please screw off," I said. Ripley tried to climb to a ledge so she could grab her guns, but I was already falling to my apparent doom. By some luck I had missed the Alien, but it dove right at me.

I didn't know whether I was going to fall to my death or be taken by the Alien, because I blacked out.

"He's coming to." said a male voice. "Can you hear me, Hicks?"

I opened my eyes.

I was in the USM med room, wearing a hospital gown. "B-Bishop?" Ripley came in. "You're back on the USM. You fell quite a bit. I had to jump a long time before I could get you." I checked myself over, careful not to let my tubes come loose, and I had no Alien injuries. "The Alien?" I asked. Ripley held up an Alien inner jaw. "I keep giving these to Call as souvenirs but she always rejects them. You want it?" she asked, smiling. "Nah."

"So, how bad am I?" I asked. "You're not too bad, but not too good either. Now, tell me, why were you touching my boob?" she asked. "I guess I was sort of dazy at the time." "Whatever." she replied. "You just need some rest and then you'll be able to get back down there, ready to kick more asses of those Aliens."

A few hours later, after I'd had my wrist, Ripley tied bandages over my knuckles and arm. "You're good at medics?" I asked. "No, this is my first time. I hope you like it."

"Yeah, it's not bad for a first time."

"Alright, you should be good to go. Vriess is up here with the dropship, so we're all going back down. Anything you want to do before that?" she asked. "Nah, I'm good." I replied. She, Vriess and I entered the dropship and took off for the planet of bugs yet again.

Chapter 11: Ripley

I'd seen Hicks take the plunge, and I didn't want to have it happen to him again. I almost lost him to my kind, and if it wasn't for me being one of them, he would have perished. I was their only lifeline. We had a commander this time that we could trust, instead of Gorman from the original expedition. It was his fault we lost most of the crew.

I looked at myself via a shard of glass I'd excavated from the ruins of Hadley's Hope. Even after cleaning it I couldn't see myself as the once iron-willed woman that had killed so many Aliens. All I saw staring back at me was a Halien, or human Alien hybrid. What happened to my once curly hair, that was never tangled and the badass perm that I used to have? Now, it was just straight, tangled and messy.

When Hicks touched my boob, I wondered, what did he intend to do? Did he have the same feeling of love for me as I did for him? How much? I don't know that he knew I wanted to run my fingers through his hair, however short it was, feel his chest against mine and taste his tongue. I had barely restrained myself from doing it on the USM. And now here he was. I was stalling and this would be my last chance.

"Ripley?" Hicks asked. I hadn't realized my arm was slung around his shoulder. I was about to take it off when he held the hand of that arm. "No, do it, I like it." We'd sort of drifted apart during the mission. It was nice to know we were mending it up. But we didn't have time for sex games yet.

"We're almost to the ground. Repeat, almost to the ground." Call was down there, guiding us. She had a hand gun with Newt under her arm. "You two have been alright?" I asked. "Yeah, perfectly fine." I could see Johner off in the distance, practicing his moves. "Retard." I said. "Indeed." replied Call. "Hey Johner!" she called. "They're back! We can get to the Derelict now!"

It took about 25 minutes to get to the Derelict from the colony complex. "Alright, all of you go on ahead, and I'll follow up in a bit." I said. Everyone, except Newt, exited the vehicle. I had the glass shard in my hand still, and I walked into the seating room for a second. I took a piece of my hair and cut it with the shard, tying it up with some twine and leaving it on Hicks' seat. Newt sat in the cockpit watching all of our screens. "Bye Newt," I said. "Affirmative." she said, saluting. I grinned.

Everyone was stationed outside the Derelict, waiting for me. "Alright. I'll go on inside and explore. You stay here until I call you in." I said. I then armed myself with all my weapons and stepped into the wishbone ship for the first time.

If it wasn't for that mountain, we would've successfully destroyed the Derelict. If it wasn't for the Derelict, I would never have put the galaxy in peril. No one would have died. Me, Hicks or Newt. The three of us could've had a family together. But no. That was going to change very soon.

The interior of the ship was familiar and foreboding. I felt very uncomfortable seeing the place again, first after seeing Kane get impregnated, and second after Newt's family went in and her father was impregnated. All of these good people were dying because of a parasite creature. I couldn't believe this at all. I stepped on some bones.

Below my foot was a familiar corpse. Now wreaking even more, it was the corpse of a strange creature that seemed to be the pilot of the Derelict ship. It had a huge gaping hole in its chest, from the Chestburster. And then, there it was, the egg chamber. Here was where it all began. I scanned the room for any aliens. My Motion Tracker was picking up a lot of signals, hopefully just from the eggs. My lights were too dim.

No Aliens were in here. But just as I was about to burn them all with the flamethrower, I heard an egg hatch. The Facehugger disappeared, but I didn't care, because I just fled immediately. I screamed at everybody to "RUN!" and they did so. The Facehugger might have chased us, but I didn't know, because I never looked back. I don't remember what happened after that, but I do remember hearing an anguished scream.

A few hours later, we were back at the complex. I was in the medlab looking at myself in the shard again. Johner came in with a smoking bald head, and explained everything to me. "You better not fucking say anything, Ripley." he said before explaining. "I was trying to start up the flamethrower and get at that Facehugger but the damn thing jumped at me and I got the flames in my hair. Now I'll be like this forever!" He was about to leave when I had enough. "If it wasn't for your damn kind, Ripley..." I stood up and approached. "If it wasn't for my damn kind, what?!" I asked. "I'd still have my hair," he said. "If it wasn't for my damn kind a lot of people would still be alive! Do you know how many families here, and how many other people were killed by my damn kind?! Do you care about your hair instead of the lives of other people?! The corruption in the military?!" I yelled. "Why don't I make you bald so we're even?!" he asked. "Yeah, been there, done that." Foot to the face.

I stormed out of the medlab, pouting that I should've just killed him there. Had the Facehugger impregnated him? I didn't know, but judging by the fact that he didn't say anything I didn't know what to think at all. We were all worried that he was hit with a Chestburster, but the scanners we'd brought down weren't picking up an embryo. I wondered why. I hoped I was wrong, but I felt that it wasn't in the chest. It was somewhere else.

"Hey!" I heard Newt scream. Running down the ruined halls I busted open a door and had my gun out. No Aliens, just Johner, who had Becky, Newt's new doll, hanging above her head. "Give it back!" she shouted as she tried to jump to it, to no avail. Johner laughed. I grabbed him by the shirt and knocked him out with a single punch. "Asshole..." I said. Newt picked up her doll, said "Thank you," and scampered away.

I found Hicks trying to light up a cigarette. "Here, let me do that for you." I said. He handed me the smoke and I struck it. I was about to hand it to him and let him take it when I bit into it. "Too slow." I said. Both of us laughed. "Johner couldn't smoke a cigarette if it sat in his mouth." Hicks said. Just then, he came in and said "Fuck you both." "Right back atcha," I said. "Where'd your hair go?" Hicks asked. "Blame her." Middle finger. "That's it." I was about to stand up and kill him but Hicks was trying to restrain me. "You fucking little - let go! I want to feed this thing to the bugs! Fine, I'll get authorization from the commander."

I turned on my comm system and tried to talk to Bishop. "Bishop?" I asked. "Yeah, Ripley?"

"Give me authorization to kill Johner."


"I think he's infected." I lied.

"What the fuck? No I'm not you bitch!" he said, but I did the breaking up on me thing for a second. "Oh, it's back."

"Just so you know, I'll be a little busy for a while and unreachable. I've sent two Marines to destroy Fury 16." he said. "Why?" I asked.

"I think there were some blood samples from you left on there that were not found, so we need to destroy the planet to rid any more evidence. I'm going to be shadowing them. It won't draw any attention to us, because the planet's been abandoned since 2179."

I nodded. "Bishop will be unreachable for a bit. He's destroying Fury 16." I said to Hicks. "Okay."

Chapter 12: Hicks

I rubbed at the exposed skin through the hole of my boot. They were so destructive, I thought. Why do I still love Ripley if she's one of them? I will likely never know. But I still see the old her through her eyes, and I know that there's a human Ripley still alive in the Ripley clone. Fearful that the Aliens would steal me again, but also strong and content, and not about to break under pressure. I knew she'd never let the Aliens get at me or Newt. She'd even go down making sure we were left alive. I knew this. Even though I knew she wanted to return to Earth, marry me and adopt Newt, and I wanted the same, I could tell she wasn't really looking forward to a life on Earth, after what she was now. Part Alien, part human. She'd be forever pursued by the military until she was caught, and then she would be used to make more and more Aliens until the bioweapons unit grew so big that the Aliens exploded out of the facility and decimated Earth, eradicating humanity for good. And she'd be the first to die.

She'd lost her crew before my time, she was there when all but I in the Marine corps were killed, she brought an Alien to a male prison and had them all killed, and she'd only managed to bring three mercenaries back alive. She felt guilty for the deaths of so many people. I knew it just by looking at her expression each night. She slept in the dropship's makeshift bed, curled up, feeling guilt for letting Newt, Bishop and I die after we'd been through so much together. She'd longed for her old life and to have never brought any of us into this.

Every night, I was tempted to go over to her and tell her that it was alright, that it wasn't her fault, and then I would get into bed with her and kiss her until we both died. Every night, I held myself back from doing so. Not yet, Hicks, not yet. Not until we're potentially off of the planet. But now, I just couldn't resist.

I pulled off my ruined boots and then crawled into Ripley's bed. "Johner..." she whispered. "It's me." I said. She turned and opened her eyes. "Oh..." I touched her cheek. "Ripley..." I said. "Yes?"

"When I saw what you could do here the first time..." I began. "Yes...?" she replied. "I was captivated." she smiled. "You're a legend, and you're not one to crack easily. Unlike Hudson..." she laughed. "I don't think you're an Alien." I said. She turned onto her back. "Every night, I think about myself and what I am..." I put my finger to her lips. "I know... I know..."

Silence. "You want something, Hicks?" she asked. "Yes." I replied. "What is it?"

"This." I stroked my fingers through her hair and pressed my lips to hers. I then pulled away. "Should I not have - " Then she put a finger to my lips. "No talking. Just do it again." she said while grinning. The two of us stripped and got under the covers as we kissed and kissed and kissed all night long. The cold ruins of the building seemed to have warmed up with our love.

"Ripley?" I asked before we went to sleep. "Yeah?" she replied. "None of you is Alien. You're all human. Not a drop of Alien blood." she smiled as she wrapped her arms around me.

I woke up to the smell of cigarette smoke. My eyes fluttered open and I found myself on the floor, naked, with all my clothes in a corner. Johner was on top of the bed, in my place, trying to have sex with the sleeping Ripley. "Johner, I don't think you want to do that." He kissed her twice before I saw her open her eyes. And then, she uttered a profanity so loud and so extreme that I will not mention. Johner was kicked halfway down to the sewers. "I can't believe that douchebag." she said. Then she turned to me. "That was fun."

Newt ran in. "Guys, Johner, Vriess and Call are taking the treks to three parts of the planet, all of which are uninhabited. They decided to let us three handle the Derelict, so they've left the dropship. Let's handle old business ourselves, shall we?" Ripley wasn't very sure about the idea. Call and Vriess could get killed on their journey. But, at least Johner had that risk too. I knew she would be very happy if she found him dead. That was just her being cold.

Chapter 13: Ripley

That damn asshole Johner. I'd made a set of gaping holes down toward the sewers. And that's when I picked up a red alert. "Ripley!" Newt called out. The three of us ran to the dropship and saw that the distress call was coming from Vriess. "Call! Call!" he screamed. "Vriess, what's going on?! Ripley shouted. I saw Call convulsing. Oh no.

"Never mind! What sector are you in?!" I ordered. "2!" he replied. That was northeast. I activated the dropship into high gear, but as I got there, I saw a mess of white circulation fluid and a torn in half body. "No..." I whispered. I gave the controls to Hicks and leapt out of the ship, making landfall and dashing over to the halved android. "No, no, no, please don't die! I haven't lost a single man on this trip and I won't lose one now!" I said. "...Ripley." Call said in her android voice. "You can rebuild me. I'm not gone forever." In between sobs, I nodded. "That's true." I said. "But I thought we agreed to stick together..." Vriess and I sobbed but neither of us cared. I didn't even care that Newt and Hicks were watching. "I know... and Vriess..." she lifted her arms up and he scooped her up into his, not caring about the white muck dripping on his clothes. She gave him a peck on the cheek. "That's for you." she said. She smiled before she deactivated.

Vriess cried out in anguish and I followed after. Both of us hugged each other and cried hard. He didn't even care when I accidentally pulled him out of his wheelchair. We fell on the ground and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

After what seemed like hours, I helped Vriess back into his wheelchair, picked up Call's upper body while he her lower and carried the pieces onto the dropship. Hicks laid out plastic wrap for Call and wrapped her up. "We'll fix you up, hon." said Vriess. Then he looked at me. "Why do you care?" he asked. "Because she was a friend. Unlike Johner." Bishop called in. "I'm back you guys. What's your status?" I picked up the headphones and spoke. "Call is down. Chestburster is on the loose. Over."

Bishop sighed. "Poor thing. I will rebuild her when you bring her back up to me. Did you plant the bomb?" I turned to Vriess and asked the same question. "Bomb planted, not yet activated." I reported. "You have two more sectors to cover. Be careful for the Chestburster."

"Ugh... I am dying for a shower." I said. "Hicks, are the water pipes working?" He shook his head. "Not a drip." I turned to Vriess. "We'll drop you back off in sector 1 and look after Johner in sector 3." He nodded and took out his guns. "Are you sure you want to go alone? Considering..." I trailed off. "What? Just because I have no legs don't mean I got no heart in fighting. Actually, I have no heart period, because it was broken by both you and Call's death." I tried to reason. "Vriess, I'm sorry. I just didn't understand at the time." He shook his head. "I'm only kidding around with you."

"Didn't seem like kidding to me." I replied, handing him an extra gun. "Just to be safe. As Bishop said, keep it together all the time." He nodded. We flew him off to sector 1 and then called Johner. "Hey asshole, are you still stuck in the sewer or are you actually looking to set off the bomb?" He snickered. "Set off the bomb with you next to it? Of course!" I growled. "Listen you - " Hicks gripped my shoulders. "Calm down..." he whispered. "Johner, did you or did you not set off the bomb?" I asked, more calmly. "No, I've got the bomb planted."

"Where?" I asked. "The hive." I laughed out. "Well, I never thought I'd say this but thanks. That place has too many bad memories for me for it to stay alive." Silence. "Uh oh." He whipped out his guns. "What, Johner?" I asked. "I heard a snarl. It was my stomach." He laughed. "Be serious, I thought the Alien had found you."

"Kidding, kidding. I've got my guns, I'll be fine. Over and out." I called Bishop. "What are our next orders?" I asked. And then I stopped. "Well, you seem to have planted three of the bo - " I'd frozen. "Ripley...? Ripley? Ripley, can you respond? Ripley? Ripley?" Vriess' screen was absolutely horrifying. His controls were stuck, and a black shadow was in front of him. "Oh my god..."

It was massive, and I assumed it was a huge normal Alien. It struck, and Vriess' wheelchair controls broke. "Aaaaaah... Ripley!!!!!!!!!" I heard his anguished scream. "VRIESS!" I shouted. "Ripley?! What's going on?!" Bishop frantically shouted. "VRIESS! WHAT'S GOING ON?!" He wailed. "I'm... I'm fucked..."

"What do you mean, you're fuck - " I saw the black shadow advancing on him. He was helpless. I was about to move for the controls but Hicks stopped me. "Don't, you'll never make it in time." I stopped. "Why... why does that thing have to kill so many people? Why does it destroy? We only threaten because they threaten." He put his hands on my shoulder. "I know, I know... but at this point there's nothing that we can do." I turned to the screen and found him clumsily trying to scramble back. If he wasn't in a wheelchair...

The final scream filled my ears and I felt as though I couldn't do anything. The iron willed Ripley was gone, and she was replaced with one who was weak emotionally. Those Aliens knew I was working against them. All empathy links with them were murdered at that moment, replaced with pure anger and hate. No more was the emotionally weak Ellen Ripley. Now it was Ripley, Ellen, Lieutenant-First Class, number 36706, the Ripley of old. My will became iron and hate pulsed through my veins. "We're going to the Derelict right now." I ordered. "And step on it!"

As Hicks was about to move for the controls I held my hand out to stop him. Snarls coming from the ruined colony complex. And we were close enough to it that we could investigate. "I've managed to make a portable energy source for us all," reported Johner. "We're ready to see what..." he trailed off while turning around. A claw appeared out of a wall, followed by a foot, then a tail, and then a full body. "What?!" he cried out. "Johner..." I said. "Alien... it's here..."

Facepalm. "Oh hell..." how did it move so fast? There must have been dozens of them. "Get out of there..." said Hicks. "I can't. I'm cornered." Johner was getting frantic. "Then we'll get down to you."

"Hicks, what?" I asked. But he had the controls, and so he piloted the ship onto the broken ceiling of the complex and landed. He pulled Newt and I out (I agreed with the decision to bring Newt, because I wasn't comfortable leaving her unguarded, but I was kicking and screaming about Johner) and directed us through the holes in the ceiling, down to Johner's floor. I could still hear him moaning in the sewer ducts while we raced through the floors to get to the power station. Thankfully (at least for me), we were too late. I heard "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as well as a ripping sound, with a delighted snarl.

When we'd gotten down there, Hicks ran to Johner's corpse. A hole in the chest, but too small to have been a Chestburster. He was impaled through the heart by a tail. I spat on the corpse and said, "I knew you were a no good little bitch." Hicks looked at me. "Why are you so cold? As you said, these are all innocent people." I sighed. "Yes, but in Johner's case he helped with using innocent humans as hosts to the Aliens, and he was also an overall cocky person." Hicks rolled his eyes but shook it off. Newt tugged at my hand. "I think he was good, Ripley." I looked at her. "Alright then." My gaze turned to the corpse. "I'm sorry for all of this, Johner. You made it this far, only to fall in the end."

I took his lightest guns and armed myself, before I pursued Hicks and Newt to the air duct. "I just want to know how he laid that bomb." said Hicks. "My guess is just pure good luck. The fact that the Aliens hadn't fucked the rest of our crew." I stopped. "Uh oh."

"What?" Both my accomplices said. "I feel it coming. It's very close." Snarl. "It's big."

The three of us whirled around and saw an Alien - no, not a normal Alien, a Queen - approaching us. We backed away toward the other end but there was no other end. Just bars. "Can any of you fit in there?" I asked. Only Newt could. "Hicks, cut through." I walked toward the queen. "Ripley!"

"I know what I'm doing, Newt." I replied.

"No! Don't go now!" What I was doing was not getting myself killed, just embracing the queen to buy Hicks some time. I did it in the same fashion as the poor Newborn from the Auriga. Hicks, please hurry. I can tell she's getting hungry. He was not even near finished the second bar. "This will have to do!" he said. He ran through, and I let go of the queen, speeding off toward the hatch. I felt acid breath glint off my shirt's back, burning tiny holes into it. I didn't care. What I did care about was leading her to the Derelict, where I would drive the ship into a cliff and destroy all the Aliens.

"Dropship!" I shouted as I lead my future husband and daughter back up to the roof. "Let's get going!" All of us loaded into the ship and took off. The Queen was fast, and once I leapt from the ship while Hicks made a stylish landing himself, she had already gotten there. I raced into the ship with my guns and Hicks followed, while sealing the hatch into the dropship to keep Newt safe. I didn't even have to enter the egg chamber when I saw her reattached to her eggsack, already reproducing more and more eggs covered in that filthy substance which fused them to the floor. Rifle out. The queen panicked. "Calm..." I said. "Tell your guards to stand down." She was reluctant. Reminiscent of the first mission here, I let loose a few flames and pointed the barrel at an egg. "I SAID TELL YOUR GUARDS TO STAND DOWN!"

She shrieked, and they didn't stand down. Hicks turned in the other direction and blasted all his rounds out at normal Aliens, Chestbursters and Facehuggers that were just hatching, while I took on the eggsack. "PAYBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed this as my battle cry while I sped through the large, wishbone-shaped ship. "This will mark the last night you kill ANYONE!" No more fear. Just pure bravery, rage and temper fueled my adrenaline as I fought the final showdown with my kind.

Soon, there was not a single Alien in the room except for the queen and the eggs. Hicks and I were about to move on them when the queen shrieked again. I looked at my partner, and he looked at me. "Yes." both of us said before we charged. The queen was prepared, however. She whipped her tail at the ceiling, barring our access to the eggs. This gave us an advantage, however, because she'd blocked them off. If any of them hatched, they could never get out without our help.

I knew the queen could sustain near limitless gunfire, but neither of us cared. The bitch would go down or we'd die trying. I climbed over the ceilings and walls and narrowly missed the tail. That was what I grabbed as I yanked it off, dodging the acid blood spilling out. I now had an alternate weapon to use. I kept the tail beside me as I waited for the acid to spill completely out. "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!" I shrieked. Hicks must've thought I was losing my mind. I was. Shriek. "NO, YOU'RE THE ONE THAT'S GONNA DIE BITCH!"

I looked to my side, and the tail's end was now a stub. Using it as a whip, I attached to a broken piece of machinery and, with my guns in tow, swung onto the queen, before I performed an epic finishing move. Gun at the back of the queen's neck, I launched a grenade, which caused the armor to rapidly shatter, and a pool of acid spilled. I whipped up, away from the floor, and lifted up Hicks. We waited for the acid to cool.

Unfortunately, it gave us another disadvantage. The rubble blocking off the eggs had been burned through, and a lot of them were hatching. A lot. "Get them! I've got to work the controls and set this thing to crash!" I ordered. "Got it!" Hicks replied.

I sped to the front of the ship, threw the pilot's skeleton out of the way and tried my best to turn the ship on. It wasn't working. A millenia-old ship. That was what my flamethrower was for. It was powered, miraculously, by fire. As long as I had flames going, I had the ship powered.

In a few seconds, it was ready to take off.

Chapter 14: Hicks

The eggs were beginning to dwindle in numbers, but I still had much opposition, and no help from Ripley, who was powering the ship.

She'd had her gun in the engines, I wondered what this was for. Perhaps the ship was powered by fire. Whatever the reason, I wasn't about to complain. She stood up and ran to me. "Alright, the ship's powered up. I'm going to set it to crash into the valley below, and this will destroy the first piece of evidence. It will also set off a chain reaction that will activate the first bomb, which is below. Then the second and third bombs will explode, and annihilate the planet, along with you if you don't get off fast."

I nodded. "Right." I said. Then, my expression softened. "Wait a minute... what do you mean, 'you'?" She looked at her shoes. "Hicks. Get Newt out of the ship." I opened it without any use of weapons (the sealing wasn't all that good) and told Newt to get out. She did so, and came over to Ripley, who knelt down. "Newt..." She hesitated. "I have some news that you're going to take very hard." She raised an eyebrow. "I'm going to set off this ship to explode, and..." More hesitation. "I won't be able to make it out in time."

Newt gasped. "NO!" she screamed, running into her adopted mother's arms. "Newt, I have to do this. I have to destroy this planet and rid the galaxy of all evidence of this disaster. No one should ever know that the Aliens existed. All except for us."

Newt shook her head. "I don't want that. Never. I want you to stay alive, marry Hicks, adopt me and let us all live on the USM for the rest of our lives." Then Ripley shook her head. "Not unless I'm free of Alien DNA." She stood up. "The ship will be out of power soon, already. I need to go." She lifted Newt up into her arms and held her for a long time. She also kissed both of Newt's dolls, before coming over to me and letting our lips come into contact with one another yet again. "Don't be long, Ellen." I said to her as she started off. That was the last thing I'd said to her on the first mission before I fell into a coma from my injuries.

Newt held her dolls close and came to me. "Keep me safe," she said. I nodded as I tucked her under my arm, bringing her to the dropship. Both of us climbed in and opened the hatch as we took off into space. We both saw the Derelict lift up from the ground, and then disappear over the edge of the cliff. It plummeted to its doom - Ripley's doom - and set off the nuclear explosion. Newt called out her name in despair as I closed the hatch and we left the planet before it was nothing but an asteroid field.

As we got closer and closer to the USM I was more and more unwilling to keep going, and simply wanted to turn right back around and die in the blast with Ripley. I think even Newt was thinking the same thing. However, I didn't let the controls slip.

The dropship landed, and Newt and I hauled out Call's remains, while Bishop approached. "Mission success, I take it?" he asked. The most obvious thing struck him. "Where's Ripley?" I looked down and mumbled. "She gave power back to the Derelict and sent it crashing into sector 1. She insisted that all Aliens die, including herself." Bishop bowed his head, before taking out of his pocket a golden box. He opened it up before placing it in Newt's hands. The familiar ballerina danced around with the music playing, a personal gift from Ripley way back when. Newt cradled it in her hands, her only memory of Ripley.

Just then, I noticed a glint. It was coming from one of the chairs in the dining room, the very one that Ripley herself had originally sat in. I approached, and what I saw was truly unexpected. A lock of brown hair, tied up with twine, lay on her chair, and next to it was a mirror shard that had writing on it. I picked it up and read.

I wanted to tell you this later, that I was not
planning to survive the mission. I planned to die
when we had the planet destroyed, because I was the
only Alien alive, and I didn't want this.

This lock of hair is left to you, for you to possibly
clone me once again and remove the Alien DNA from me."

- Ellen

She'd even signed with her first name. Hair in my hand, I approached my two friends at the entrance to the mess hall. "Hey, Bishop," I said. "Do you have any cloning equipment?" He looked behind him. "Well, yes, I do. What for?" I opened my hand and exposed the hair. "We're bringing back the galactic savior."

Epilogue: Hicks

It's been nearly a year since the mission that changed the galaxy's fate. It's amazing that we were never caught in the act of destroying LV-426, the Aliens, and Ripley.

Speaking of which, the cloning was nearly done. We were using the hair strand by strand at a time in case we failed a few times, like with her first cloning. I entered the medlab with Newt, who was wearing a princess dress we'd bought for her, and holding her two dolls, including Casey, the doll-head who had been charred and was now repainted and fixed.

There she was, lying on the table. There she was, nearing rebirth. Rebirth, the second time, destined to be the last time she was ever cloned. Because she wasn't going to die again. She was back, permanently. I gripped Newt's shoulder as we waited for Ripley to awaken. Bishop had finished picking at her DNA to remove the Alien. The scar from the surgery was now sewed up once again, as well.

An hour later, and her eyes began to flutter. She sat up, with her hair in her face, seeing us. "Why - Why am I alive?" she asked. I sat on her hospital bed while Bishop left us for some alone time. "I saw your message. You're back." She grinned and pulled me in for lots of kissing. Newt giggled as I pulled back to give her some adoptive mother-adoptive daughter time. Now we were in our happy place, forever away from the world, together for all eternity.