• RoyboyX

    Alien 5

    August 8, 2010 by RoyboyX

    Here I'll be writing an Alien 5 story. Read it, I have quite an interesting idea.

    I'd been on Earth for about three weeks after I escaped the USM Auriga, the ship on which I was cloned. I was living in the Betty with a second-generation android, Call, a wheelchair-confined mercenary, Vriess, and a guy with a taste for me and bad jokes, Johner.

    I'll introduce myself.

    I'm Ellen Ripley, or at least I used to be. I was born in 2092, and it's 2379 right now. When I was around 30, I was hired as a warrant officer for a commercial hauling starship called the Nostromo. Along with six others, Officer Kane, Captain Dallas, Brett, Lambert, Parker and Ash, we were hauling over one million tons of ore from Thedus to Earth. That mission changed my life, fo…

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