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Xenomorph's origin????????

What is there origin?


They could have been genetically engineered by the Space Jockeys as a bio-weapon (or a terreformial weapon to destroy an ECO-System) against the predators as you see a load of eggs on a Space Jockey ship on LV-26 but the Predators (Yautja) shot the ship down so they crashed and the aliens had the chance to breed and make their Dynasty. But they must be one hell of a smaty pant race to create those things.


they could have evolved because as i said in that blog about how the eggs got on the ship i think that LV-26 is their Home-World and they harvested the ship and the Pilots (Space Jockeys)

And they set up a Hive their. But they could have been genetically engineered because Parasites cause Evolution but they're parasites themselves unlessits because they're large enough to become a host and they are infectes or infested with parasites.



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