Okay . . . . I want this game, for the predator.

I dont want it to have a significant story, I dont want it to have any humans (or possibly to have earth unlocked through incredibly difficult circumstances)

I want this to be like an old school hunting game, you as the predator of your choice and customization travel the universe hunting interesting aliens of all sorts, collecting skulls and advancing in Yautja society. Getting new weapons, to fight bigger and bigger and more interesting prey.

that is pretty much it, no super-in-depth plot . . . just a hunting game, with the Predator universe and story as a backdrop . . . no xenomorphs, no humans, just . . . the great frontier of space to hunt and kill awesome and insane beasts.

(maybe . . . maaaaaaaaybe xenomorph DLC, and maybe . . . maaaaaaaybe roman empire era earth as an unlock or something, thus setting the game at an interesting time period)