Since I was a child I have always felt that the AVP (I am roping the alien, predator, and prometheus franchises into one here for simplification) needed . . . help. Especially after seeing Alien3 , and Alien Resurrection . . . and I dont think its because they "ran out of ideas" that happens to franchises like Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm street . . . but AVP has enough ideas to fuel a thousand movies, but the keep re-hashing the same ideas over and over and over again.

So right now, I am going to detail how I think they should pull their fat butts out of the fire! And give these characters, ideas, and creatures . . . the stories that they deserve.

The Universe

I am going to start with . . . the Universe . . . it is utterly broken, between the highly contradictory Alien films, Prometheus, and the never-ending re-hash books.


The predators are a good place to start, this is an alien species that is shown to fight . . . dozens of prey-creatures across the universe, they are noble hunters who believe hunting is synonymous with exploration, and are always pushing themselves to their absolute limit.

So how has it been messed up? The constant repetition of the fighting of humans of course! The most popular and well-received predator media are the ones that introduce new ideas, and take the Predators to new places.

Its why I havent read through "Predator: Concrete Jungle" but read "Forever Midnight" with a smile on my face, despite Concrete Jungle being written in a far more acceptable manner with far more intelligent dialogue.

Here is my recommendation to the owners of the franchise, write a book with a human who joins a Yautja clan (similar to Machiko Naguchi) then write one book for each creature in the City Hunters trophy case, with this human living and hunting amongst the Yautja.

Hish vs. Yautja

Since the released of "Predator: Forever Midnight" there has been a constant debate whether the Hish or the Yautja should be the canon backstory for the predators. The hish have only appeared in two books, whereas the Yautja have been greatly favored, the name Yautja has been used by both sideshow collectibles, and all of the predator figures since the release of the Predators figure-line.

The problem is, while not a great book, Forever Midnight at least does what a predator book should do. Show them fighting new things, encountering new races, and being on new worlds (I cant speak for the second Hish book, Flesh and Blood as I havent read it) so the Hish actually have quite a few supporters.

Including me . . . but in a different way . . . In forever midnight the Hish have a game preserve planet with four moons, it is also tidally locked. This reminds me a bit of something, OH YEAH, the planet from Predators.

I dont feel like they need to chose one backstory or the other, I dont feel like it is a competition between the two . . . because THERE ARE TWO SPECIES OF PREDATOR. The retcon that needs to be implemented is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS, and the fact that they haven't done it hurts my brain. I will draw a picture to make it obvious.

The Media

Take for example "Alien" books, they flip a coin and either ripoff the first alien movie, or the second. Predator books they refuse to leave the planet earth, and thus almost always try to rip off the first movie... and Prometheus, well to put it blunt Ridley Scott was being a little selfish, and self-important.