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    Since I was a child I have always felt that the AVP (I am roping the alien, predator, and prometheus franchises into one here for simplification) needed . . . help. Especially after seeing Alien3 , and Alien Resurrection . . . and I dont think its because they "ran out of ideas" that happens to franchises like Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm street . . . but AVP has enough ideas to fuel a thousand movies, but the keep re-hashing the same ideas over and over and over again.

    So right now, I am going to detail how I think they should pull their fat butts out of the fire! And give these characters, ideas, and creatures . . . the stories that they deserve.

    I am going to start with . . . the Universe . . . it is utterly broken, between the…

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  • Ralok

    Sideshow Collectibles

    March 16, 2013 by Ralok

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be adding information from Sideshow Collectibles predator and alien lines of figures, statues, and models. I have decided to do this after I was able to confirm that the collectibles in question are in fact officially licensed by 20th century fox.

    While the quality may be in question, and the authenticity of the information, these are officially licensed, developed, and distributed products, and in no way and under no circumstances should be ignored.

    I am going to start with the ceremonial predator mask

    then the predator on horse statuette

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  • Ralok

    okay . . . I have given it a lot of thought, and I want to see a "colonial marines" film with no xenomorphs . . . I want to see marines fighting different people and beasts from across the galaxy . . . maybe a hint at xenos (like a knife with an inner-mouth hilt like in that one comic)

    but no xenos, no predators, just marines doing what marines do . . . protecting the colonies from the dark things that dwell in space.


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  • Ralok

    Okay . . . . I want this game, for the predator.

    I dont want it to have a significant story, I dont want it to have any humans (or possibly to have earth unlocked through incredibly difficult circumstances)

    I want this to be like an old school hunting game, you as the predator of your choice and customization travel the universe hunting interesting aliens of all sorts, collecting skulls and advancing in Yautja society. Getting new weapons, to fight bigger and bigger and more interesting prey.

    that is pretty much it, no super-in-depth plot . . . just a hunting game, with the Predator universe and story as a backdrop . . . no xenomorphs, no humans, just . . . the great frontier of space to hunt and kill awesome and insane beasts.

    (maybe . . . ma…

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    Saving Predator Franchise

    February 24, 2013 by Ralok

    Adding a new type of predator was the most childish, and stupidest thing that they did in the Predators film. Along with reducing the noble hunter aspect to virtually nothing.

    of course its possible, and to be expected that a sapient species would have multiple racial groups . . . but this isnt what they should be doing to keep the Predator franchise alive. (although I do hope that the super preds are retconned into being the hish, with the normal being Yautja)

    I direct you to the two avp computer games what was fun about the predator portions? Not a lot, but the best parts were where you fought . . . something other than humans and aliens.

    AVP extinction . . . best level in the whole game . . . fighting the Gro'tye.

    Predator concrete Jungle, …

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