Predator needs proper opponents and is preying on the weak.A really great opponent from the Japanese guy with samurai sword is the APTN Polynesian Italian Native.He is the creator of the rap scene in history of late 1980's from breakdancing and after.He is the world and universe's most physically powerful and is related to oriental race.He is modern from Faschist Italy and is my brother.He is an opponent in James Bay islands that can outsmart and out intelligent Predator's weapons and systems and kill him with physical strength.Fight him and throw him around with strength as he is a basketball player and street soccer. With a proper opponent there would be a video game and a more movies. GI Joe has "Johnny" or who Rambo portrays.Johnny is a Joe and there are more opponents in GI Joe for Predator.Predator would think he is a human.He then the APTN Polynesian Italian would out think Predator and live and survive.He then would use physical strength vs Predator.Predator would get squeezed and wrestled like police and throw him into tree.Fight and APTN Italian would win.He would punch but not the face mask.Predator would go to weapons on him and he would use a machete vs Predator in a clash.Then he would bring down a Predator and many.We have an awesome movie for Predator is receiving a beating.Has grips put on him.In Close fighing and punches.Lift Predators.And plus his family been killed by Predator and Predator is a cheater uses Technology.Make boobytraps.Learn a lesson vs Predator and teachings.Predator is intimidating him.Searching and calling out to him.He does not make these errors.Alien being vs man of earth.


Billy Sole (Sonny Landham), is a Native American. Billy is the first one to notice the Predator is hunting them. Throughout the film it is alluded that Billy has a strong jungle sense. At several points during the film he feels the presence of the Predator and becomes spooked. At one point he is so perturbed he stops flat in his tracks. Billy dies shortly after presenting a formal knife fight challenge to the Predator (he discarded all of his equipment before doing so), in order to buy Dutch, Poncho,and Anna more time to escape. The manner in which he is killed is unknown as only his terrifying scream is heard, but the Predator is later seen removing his spine & skull as a trophy. Billy's laughter is mimicked in the Predator's dying scene as it activates its self-destruct.


Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien) is a Yakuza enforcer, wielding a pistol and later a samurai katana that he later finds in Noland's hideout. Hanzo does not speak much throughout the film, and when asked why, he responds, "Because I talk too much" and showed that he is missing the ring and pinkie fingers of his left hand, revealing he had committed yubitsume. Hanzo engages the Falconer Predator in single combat towards the end of the film, resulting in both of their deaths.