hey ppl, i wanted to talk about the alien five thats rumoured 2 come out, i personally think they should choose between sigourny weaver or natallie portman, (although, im starting 2 think that a girl in MR.Magoriums magic emporium whould cut it, eh i dunno) sigourny weaver is definitly older,but they could easilly use her. sigourny weaver has that, SON OF A @#$%& , side to her, which makes her really good. i know they are thinking about doing it in 3-D, but as show in Untitled Alien Prequel article, its going to be hard since alien wouldnt be alien if the good parts were were in the middle of a dersert during the day, but it would be awsome 2 see aliens mouth within a mouth pop out at u. or seing aliens tail being jabbed through a dudes chest, in which the tail is pointing at u. rumours r that the moive dudes are aiming for a PG-13, in order to gain a younger audience.

whoo boy, tired, cya ppl. (plz comment on what u think)