Prometheus 'Alien DNA' TV Spot HD Spoilers About The Alien Parasites00:31

Prometheus 'Alien DNA' TV Spot HD Spoilers About The Alien Parasites

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Whether or not Prometheus qualifies as a prequel to Alien has been a subject of great intrigue for the past couple of months. Director Ridley Scott has done little to placate the fury of the flummoxed fanboy, coming up with different responses every time he is asked the straightforward yes-or-no question.

Luckily for us, Damon Lindelof, who rewrote Jon Spaihts' original prequel script, thus making the matter more vague, has managed to set things fairly straight: "If your definition [of a prequel] is: this is a series of events that precedes an existing movie, then, yes. This series of events that happens in Prometheus precedes the series of events that occurs in Alien. However, one of the other definitions is that the ending of the prequel leads you right up to the beginning of the preceding movie." is what he told Entertainment Weekly, so apparently Prometheus does not lead right up to Alien.

I guess what this means is that it is a prequel, but we probably should leave room for another film or two to fill in the gap before Alien. Regardless of future films, there are very concrete connections between Prometheus and Alien, which you will realize when you watch the new made-for-television trailer above. It gives us a quick glimpse of Noomi Rapace screaming "Get it out of me!" while her stomach bulges, an obvious correlation to John Hurt's gut-busting scene in the original film. The original teaser trailer might have lead one to believe otherwise, but now we know what's really important: Alien fans should love Prometheus.

Bonus Video: First online clip from the film - "Prometheus has landed"
First Clip Online - "Prometheus Has Landed"01:07

First Clip Online - "Prometheus Has Landed"


Viewing full clips of a film before it's released isn't for everyone, but the way trailers are getting edited these days, the end result- spoilage- is almost unavoidable. After seeing the Prometheus trailer before Avengers, I got to thinking...

How do you feel about the amount of footage revealed in trailers these days?

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