"Crown" is a Xenomorph Predalien whose name is based off the appearance of its head.


Somewhere, on the Yautja homeworld, several Yautja Youngbloods were being trained, and were pitted against several captured Xenomorphs, including several Facehuggers. However, one of the Facehuggers escaped the training arena, and wandered the homeworld, evading the Yautja that were searching for it. It came across a captured Yautja, and immediately attached itself to him. Soon, a chestburster erupted from the Yautja, and fed off its ex-host's remains. As it wandered, it eventually went on board a Yautja ship, which was preparing to go to Xenomorph Prime to begin a hunt. The ship was above the planet, and the chestburster had finally developed into an adult. It killed off the crew, and the ship crashed onto Xenomorph Prime. The surviving Yautja fought off several Xenomorphs, though most of the survivors were killed by the Predalien, now known as "Crown" to the Yautja because of the appearance of its head. Crown wandered Xenomorph Prime, and came across a Xenomorph hive. At some point it became a member of the Xenomorphs dwelling inside the large hive, and was one if its best guardians. Both Yautja and humans of a currently unknown company (the first human sighting on Xenomorph Prime being 2240)would often come to this hive, allowing Crown to be able to satisfy its constant bloodlust. It continues to live to this very day, feared by many. Often, Yautja would try to hunt Crown in hopes of glory, but none have returned.