For all those who don't know, the users on this wiki had a discussion on a fanon section. We then had a vote and according to the results, people want a fanon section. Now it is open! We can finally make our very own fan fictions on this wiki. Hopefully, this new feature on the wiki will make it more popular and be more fun. I certainly hope to create many of my very own fan fictions on this wiki. See the home page here.

Fanon Staff

We need four volunteers to be fanon staff. Please leave your request on my talk page if you would like to volunteer. Only users with an account, the time, and the responsibilty can have this roll. Staff are to make sure rules are always obeyed and are to give out warning templates to rule-breakers. To all who volunteer, please also sign your post on my talk page.

So to all, hope you make great fan fictions! ;)

Nightmarizard [Chat]