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Which movie do you think is best?

Here are mine from WORST to BEST;

9. AVP Requiem - dull, characters lame, too dark for a good amount of seens. Ruins the first AVP. D

8. Alien Ressurection - i can see why people liked this, but 200 years and the main character is a clone? Not exactly an A movie. C

7. Alien 3 - Bad opening. If the movie had Newt alive though and got away, it would have been a little better. C+

6. AVP - Yes, i liked this more than Alien 3. Even with the plot holes, it's only 90 minutes, and holds some intrist. B-

5. Predator 2 - Good sequal, but when the predator attacked the one cop and and said "Want some candy?" i laughed out loud. B

4. Predators - Similar to the original predator by going in a jungle, but the 'doctor' at the end was stupied. B

3. Alien - Believe it or not, this is in third. The first forty-five minutes where boring me, however. But still. A-

2. Predator - Classic as Alien but with more action. Arnold is the man in this horrer/sci-fi/action movie. A-

1. Aliens - The best. Scary, more action, better special effects, and just as the original. What is not to like other than Burke? A

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