this page is only my veiws and not strict fact.

NOTES- General


Xenomorph drones vomit up the resin found in xenomorph hives. Tail is mostly used for the defence of the xenomorph in question or  too defend another xeno in the fight or possibly too carve tunnels in the rock too make caves (theory).

-Xenomorphs all rally  around one female organism named the queen owing to the fact that it seems to command an it has an egg sack that produces eggs that open up and houses a facehugger.

-Not very known is that xenomorphs have two extra stages of life not well known about which are the larva and mini stage. The larva stage is like a chestburster with the dorsal thorns on it's back and the normal head. The mini stage is like a miniature xenomorph but with no inner jaw. And no tail barb either.

Hive structure

The structure of the xenomorph hive is as thus:

The queen xenomorph is the big mother of the hive. It has the most important role in the hive, the role is too lay eggs for facehuggers to burst forth and wander the halls looking for a cocooned host too impregnate. The facehuggers impregnate hosts with chestbursters. The chestbursters are like the babies of the hive who’s only job is too wait too mutate into drones. The drones spread the resin on the cave walls of their hives, and carry the chestbursters too the queen's chamber after they burst out of the host human (or possibly YAUTJA [predator] if they can manage to find an overpower one) the drones will eventually mutate into a warrior xenomorph. The warriors fight when the hive needs it an they are normally stationed around the queen's chamber as well as in the halls of the hive.  The final mutation stage of a xenomorph is a praetorian guard, or simply a praetorian. These xenomorphs are possibly one of the most important xenomorphs ever. These xenomorphs are tasked with protecting the queen and being the personal guard of the queen.

Special castes (only three will be mentioned)

The three castes being mentioned now are the 1: Empress 2: Palatine 3: Queen mother

Empress: the empress xenomorph is like a mega queen. It can also lay ovomorphs with an eggsack but the facehuggers will be slower and more rigid than usual facehuggers.

Palatine: The royal guard of the queen mothers. The lay in HUGE eggs around the queen mothers throne

Queen mother: queen mothers are the very masters of every single empress and queen. They communicate with telepathy too control the hives and the hives actions.