I had an idea for a new xenomorph type.

the malakmorph, and would come from an octo hugger impregnateing a Mala'kak.  The malakmorph would be the size of a praetorian, and have the same  crest as an Empress xenomorph, an inner jaw and two  tails. it would not have an eggsack or throne, but would be able to vomit out a small resin coated ball of concentrated acid, and the resin shell would break on contact after being thrown. if left alone, the acid ball would eventually mutate into a regular Ovomorph and that would be that. one of the tails would have a barb, but the other tail would have a smooth end with 6 small holes. these hole would realease maggot like creatures onto humans and other threats and eat away at the target untill the target was just a pile of tissue and bones on the ground that vaguley resembled a human. i think that the specific lore behind this xenomorph is for another blog, and other facts will be found on my talk page if i end up posting them.