Aliens Colonial Marines wallpaper

1. Based on the Original

Aliens: Colonial Marines is actually a sequel to the original Aliens movie directed by James Cameron. The game itself is even being described as a "true sequel" to James Cameron's film. The story of Aliens: Colonial Marines takes place after the events of the third film. Much of the main plot was written by re-imagined Battlestar Galactica writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. The story is told through the eyes of Christopher T. Winter, a Colonial Marine that is part of a search and rescue team sent to investigate the USS Sulaco in search of Ellen Ripley, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, and the rest of the missing Marines who were dispatched to LV-426.

2. Legendary Weapons

Whilst playing Aliens: Colonial Marines, you may come across weapons that are familiar to those who've seen the original Aliens movie. These weapons, the so called "Legendary Weapons", are very powerful weapons that used to belong to the original marines in the movie. These weapons are modelled after the ones in the movie. Vasquez's Smart Gun, for example, has her bandana tied to it.

3. Various Enemies


Do not expect to only face regular Xenomorph in the game. Aside from the Warrior Xenomorph, various new (and older) types of Xenomorph have been added to the game. For example, the Lurker is extremely agile and fast and will use the environment to eliminate you. The Crusher on the other hand is slower, but has a devastating melee attack and an armor-plated head, and isn't afraid of facing you head-on. Be ready to use different tactics against these aliens!

4. Unique Multiplayer Modes

Aliens: Colonial Marines has, aside from the regular deathmatch modes, various unique modes that any Aliens fan will enjoy. In several of the game modes, the players are split up into two teams, the Colonial Marines and the Xenomorphs. Playing as an Xenomorph truly makes you feel like an Xenomorph hunting for their prey, whereas the Colonial Marines have to make sure to stay together and use their Motion tracker to stay alive.

5. Reception


Aliens: Colonial Marines received mixed to negative reviews upon release. While the critics enjoyed the nostalgic feel of the game, they heavily criticized the story, voice acting, gameplay and outdated graphics among others. The critics especially disliked the single player mode, with the multiplayer modes being received more warmly. With a 55.26% rating on metacritic, so it might be worth doing some research to see whether or not Aliens: Colonial Marines is a game you might enjoy.